Half Off All Glasses Frames This Weekend Only!

GlassesShop.com sent out the email equivalent of a mic drop earlier today letting their newsletter subscribers know that, throughout this weekend, you can take 50% off of every pair of glasses on their site with this code:



There’s no minimum purchase, no strings attached – just a big ol’ discount. Don’t forget – as you sit there considering whether or not you need another pair of glasses – GlassesShop.com has prescription sunglasses. Game changers.

Here are my two pairs of GlassesShop.com glasses! They nailed my prescription both times (and I’ve definitely had problems with other companies).

Out of all of my glasses, these two pairs have been the favorites – and some of the cheapest glasses online! Seriously! I’m wearing the Sudbury Wayfarers right now and I’m pleased to inform you that they are under $30 (so under $15 with the sale) and actually, you can just get them for free. Yep. Check out my review for details about getting your first pair free! 

But if you’re lazy and have some extra cash, just grab the Sudbury Wayfarers, Ludington Wayfarers, or any other pair of glasses on the site for 50% off.

Happy seeing!

Probably watching Netflix.