Hello: There’s a New Toothpaste on the Block

Hello - Naturally Friendly Toothpaste

You know a industry that doesn’t get shaken up that often? The Toothpaste industry. You’d think that this sink staple that has been in your mouth, twice a day, pretty much every day since you were born would have a bit more competition in the market, but until recently, it’s been all tumbleweeds and crickets in the tooth care aisle.

Have you seen the vibrant hello products popping up in your supermarket? You’d remember them if you had. They are the modern incarnation of toothpaste, and they have a very literal mission to get their products into your hands — for good reason!

Hello - Naturally Friendly Toothpaste

Hello products are aligned with our generation’s views on preservatives, sweeteners, and clean consumption. While it’s not food (do not eat do not eat), the ingredients of toothpaste are just as important as the snacks you eat and feed your family! A boatload of chemicals in your personal hygiene products? Not a great idea.

Thankfully, hello Products are mindful of their ingredients, and has definitely rocked the world of toothpaste flavors miraculously without using any gross sweeteners (they use Xylitol!).

Hello - Naturally Friendly Toothpaste

They call themselves “Naturally Friendly” and I feel like more products ought to be more friendly, don’t you?

How about toothpaste flavors like peach mango mintmojito mint, and grapefruit mint? (And those aren’t even the kids flavors.) How about a toothpaste company that donates $1 per pet photo to the ASPCA?*  That’s what I mean when I say “naturally friendly.” They are good people, those hello kids.

* Not kidding about that ASPCA bit! You don’t even need to get the toothpaste. Just post a photo of you and your pet with the hashtag on their homepage, and they’ll donate a dollar thanks to you!

The shelves are starting to turn technicolor! You can pick up a tube of most flavors of hello toothpaste at your local Target for $4.49!

Naturally Friendly Toothpaste-3

Have you tried hello toothpaste? What was your experience like (& which flavor did you buy)?

I’ll be giving these a try this week to help hello spread their #ChooseFriendly message! Let me know if you have any questions about the brand or the product, and I will be your guinea pig.

This post is supported by Hello Products, but my words & opinions – as always – are my own.

Probably watching Netflix.

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