In Bloom Vintage Botanical Print Wallet

The same wallet has been in my purse in one form or another for about seven years. It’s a Hobo Lauren wallet, and it’s exquisite. Before that, I carried a gold, twinkling Lodis wallet that I got for free on a business trip. Each of my Lauren wallets have been a gift. Each are definitely worth their respective retail prices, but there is no way in hell I’m paying $110 for a wallet. I’m not even paying $74. It’s worth it, but I’m not paying it. #noshame

Sometimes, I fantasize about having a different wallet… I fantasize about having a wallet so inexpensive and investment-less that I feel comfortable switching it up every once in a while – “Um, is that wallet new? Because I love it” is not something I hear. Ever.

That feeling crept up quickly once I spotted this vintage botanical print wallet by Disaster Designs.

Poppy Botanical Wallet

The amount of thought put into the details and color palette of each design is really, really attractive. Each wallet has a different seed design, “Polyanthus” or “Poppy“, and include the specific species name and the 7p price tag with an ornate frame and beautiful colors. Plus, the old-school art deco prints still hold up nearly 100 years after the style originated. This wallet already has staying power and it’s brand new!

Disaster Designs is an English company, if you couldn’t tell, but ModCloth is the only place stateside that I’ve been able to find them. If you’re in the UK/Europe, get excited because they’re available at neat stores like Temptation Gifts, Lisa Angel, Maia, Cloth-Ears, and so on. You’re all very lucky and I hate you.

Polyanthus Botanical Wallet

In Bloom Wallets from Disaster Designs, $39.99 at Modcloth

Some of the UK sites have a bonus “Primrose” flower design that is really adorable, as well, but these are hard to turn down as our only options as Americans who have a hard time paying really high shipping fees.

The inside of the wallet is a neat freak’s paradise.

In Bloom Wallet interiorThere seem to be two of just about everything except the spacious, two-compartment, zip-around change pocket on the outside. Flowers on the inside, flowers on the outside.

It’s amazing how much getting a new wallet can affect your daily life. It seems like such an inconsequential, passive alteration, but if you think about the number of times you pull out your wallet in a week – buying wine, paying for coffee, grabbing groceries, getting into a bar, and anyone with a “SEE ID” on the back of their debit card… That’s a lot of wallet time, and a lot of people who see your wallet, as well!

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That makes it pretty noticeable. And there’s a lot to notice. Honestly, the number of cool details on this is seemingly endless.

Tie Back Wallet

A description of the flowers on the back? So many reasons to fawn.

I have a couple more years before my wallet gets run down enough to justify a new one, but if you’ve got a couple of $20s to spare and need to have your style whimsically shaken by faeries – track this wallet down, now!