Quick Links: Julie’s Freebies

Nobody loves giveaways more than I do, but more than entering them – I love facilitating them. I think I have entered a total of about 3 giveaways in the past, until recently… I think they were all for KitchenAid mixers. And the entries were within hours of each other. What can I say? I know what I like!

Lorac Dazzling Dozen Eyeshadow Set
Lorac Dazzling Dozen Eyeshadows from the Ulta Giveaway

Then, I decided that this year would be the year that I just try to give as many free things to the internet that I possibly could, and my love for giveaways got serious. There’s so much positivity surrounding free stuff, and it doesn’t helps everyone involved! I found myself surfing the contest sites that I was submitting my own contests to – just kind of swimming in all the beautiful free glory.

Too Faced Cat Eye Purrrfection Set
Too Faced Cat Eye Purrrfection from the Ulta Giveaway

This year has also seen an extreme surge in my love for beauty products… you can see beauty + giveaway combined in our latest Ulta Major Beauty Haul giveaway. Beauty products, skincare, and makeup are fun for everyone, no matter the size, shape, etc… It’s all fun.

Julie's Freebies Free Beauty Samples

One of the sites I list my giveaways on (and have subsequently been looking through), Julie’s Freebies, has an entire curated section of free beauty giveaways! You could easily revamp your entire makeup drawer with this website. The amount of free beauty products and samples is staggering, but the way Julie’s Freebies is organized, it’s not at all overwhelming. I’ve been plunking around quickly entering things because hey – why the heck not? I’ve got nothin’ to lose and beauty products to gain!

There’s everything from samples of facial cleansing clothes (honestly a good idea if you like to “try before you buy”) to $100 Sally Beauty gift card (!!!), and she updates every day! I say “she” because Julie is a totally real person, and she’s also totally awesome.

Check out JuliesFreebies.com and test your beauty luck!