Kohl’s Let Me Go Back To School

When I was a little kid, I was vehement about becoming an adult as soon as humanly (or super-humanly) possible.  I fantasized about putting gas in my own car, cooking in my own kitchen, and of course, writing my own checks. That last part got old really quickly, and all the other activities are a more boring than I expected, too. Now that I’m old, what am I supposed to do? Play pretend that I don’t have to pay rent?

Little kids get to pretend to be adults without all of the terrible responsibilities. So how do actual adults get to escape their lives and play in fantasy world? The answer, or one of them anyway, is back to school season.

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When I was younger, going back to school was the worst. It felt like… well, it felt like writing checks, taking out the garbage, jury duty, and being tailgated. Back to school shopping was fun, but you knew that it meant the next 9 months were going to start with a 6am alarm clock. Boo.

But now things are different. Back to school shopping sounds like a wonderful world full of promise, perfectly-fitting jeggings, shoes that won’t crumble after a month, cozy knits – and it all reeks of newnessKohl’s let me loose in their enormous store with a gift card so I could live out my grown-up fantasy and go back to school shopping.

Kohls Back to School Mudd Moto Boots
Mudd Moto Boots, $49.99

These Mudd Moto Boots are perfect for stomping around in my new home: the forest. I think my black boot days are over. Brown and cognac fill my closet, and these gorgeous, mid-calf additions are perfectly at home. These boots have one of my favorite features: a loose opening that doesn’t hug your legs. Talk about flattering (& comfortable)! The best part? They’re on sale for less than $50!

What pattern honors the change over from warm to freezing better than fair isle? I found Eye Candy Printed Leggings on sale with a Buy One, Get One 50% Off deal and couldn’t resist jumping on it. Better yet, when I got them home, I put them on to discover that the inside was lined with the softest, warmest fleece material. Even my partner was impressed and he cares so very little about leggings…

Throw a distressed Rock & Republic Johnny Cash shirt over the top of everything, and I think I have a good idea of what I’ll be wearing over the next five months.

Kohls Back to School-15

This is my hair after showering with well water. I feel a little bit like an AC/DC groupie…?

So, one outfit down, and naturally I need about 17 more. My problem whenever I go shopping for clothes is that I always gravitate towards pants. I have so many pants that I don’t know what to do with them all – but shirts, on the other hand, are few & far between. I need to remember that having great pants is fine as long as you have things to wear on top of them. As we know, back to school means it’s officially sweater season, and Kohl’s had some amazing and affordable sweaters that I know will become staples in my fall wardrobe.

Kohls Back to School-16

Kohls Back to School Apt. 9 Crew Neck Sweater
Apt. 9 Crew Neck Textured Sweater, $24.99

The Apt. 9 Textured Stripe Crewneck Sweater is maybe the sweater of my dreams. I’ve never had a short-sleeve sweater, and I can’t believe I waited this long. They come in four different autumnal colors and feel nearly weightless when you wear them. For less than $25, I’m one happy camper. I wish I had picked up the wine color, too!

But I made up for it…

Kohls Back to School-23

Is a plain t-shirt too simple to be the “star of the show?” On the off-chance that it isn’t, this Awake Ex-Boyfriend Tee deserves the position. Yeah, forget your boyfriend tees, the ex-boyfriend tee is just as comfortable, tissue-thin (but not sheer), and full of spite and revenge. It’s extremely soft and has fixed rolled sleeves so it always looks just un-done enough to be cool. You know, just like your ex-boyfriend was.

It says “boyfriend” on the site, but I assure you… this is all about the ex.

Also, I need to give a special mention to the Juicy Couture Quilted Hi-Top Sneakers, which are currently marked down from $75 to $54.99. In-store, they were not marked down, otherwise they would be in my hot little hands… But I had to mention them because they were so beautiful, and so comfortable. I tried them on three times before deciding that $75 just wasn’t in my budget. That being said, if I had $75 right now, I’d go right back there and snag them!

Juicy Couture Grey Sneakers

There are no garish tags or logos or symbols… just beautiful, perfect sneakers available in this steely grey, navy blue, burgundy, and classic black.

LC Lauren Conrad Jeggings

Okay, last but so-very-much not least – the incredible (seriously) LC Lauren Conrad Jeggings. I’m not kidding – I used this opportunity to get my second pair. (My first pair was purchased second-hand from ThredUp.) Unlike so many other jeggings, they have a nice high rise that doesn’t slip down and are constructed in such a way that makes you forget they’re actually jeggings until you have to bend over to get something or sit cross-legged on the floor with extreme ease. Then, you’ll remember that they’re not only jeggings, they’re the best jeggings.

Kohls Back to School-13

When you grow up, you get a whole boat load of extra responsibilities and duties that can often make you wish that you were still 11 years old when your biggest responsibility was clearing the table after dinner and going to bed on time. This little injection of renewed wardrobe was a really fun way to relive some of the extra fun parts of the childhood we’re all well out of now. Back to school shopping doesn’t always have to be for school – unless maybe it’s the school of life! Whether it’s a new pair of boots, a boyfriend tee, or even just a candy bar, I encourage all adults to get yourself a little something to celebrate the new season.

Check out all of Kohl’s Back to School deals here! 

Probably watching Netflix.

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