Indie Makeup Review! Limnit Lipsticks, Bold Vegan Lipstick for Just $4.60

When I started researching indie makeup brands about eight months ago, the first one that I fell in love with was Limnit Lipsticks, specifically the teal-blue shade A League of My Own. I’d seen blue lipsticks before, but this one was just so special that it blew me away, even in a thumbnail preview–a really rich teal that somehow felt warm and cool at the same time.

At first I was a little intimidated at the idea of trying to wear a blue lipstick, but Limnit Lipsticks mini-pots are only $4.60, so I decided it was worth the risk, and wanted to try some other shades, too. I picked up three this winter: A League of My Own (duh), Olive My Love (a kind of fatigued olive green), and Racin’ Carnation (a more traditional dark pink).

Limnit Lipsticks - Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Inexpensive

Because these are pots, you have to not mind using a lipstick brush, but the good news is that they’re much more forgiving and easy to apply than something like OCC Lip Tar. They’re solid, so if you kept them in a cool place they might not apply easily at first, but the product warms up quickly with the friction from your brush, and shouldn’t need much help at all if room temperature is fairly warm. (The shop page warns that they can melt if kept somewhere too hot–the formula is plant wax-and-oil based!) I use a retractable lip brush from Sephora for these. (They don’t make the same model that I have anymore, but you can get a similar lip brush here for just $10.) You’ll want to give it a good wash after each day of use to get all the color out, since Limnit Lipsticks are super pigmented and stay in the brush for a long time.

OCC Lip Primer - Lip Brush
I also often use OCC Skin Primer on my lips beforehand, which helps for a more even application (especially in colder weather) and gives me a little extra insurance if I have a long day ahead and don’t want to have to reapply after lunch.

The first thing you’ll notice about a blue or green lipstick is that it does take a little more attention to get good coverage with a color that is so completely opposite from your skin tone. However, the formula in these is very creamy and goes on easily and comfortably–put your lips together a few times to blend, like any other lipstick. I use about two light coats, and the application takes less than two minutes.

I adore A League Of My Own and even dared to wear it to my day job once. Some people commented and gave compliments; others didn’t seem to notice, though I’m sure they actually did. I felt simultaneously self-conscious and badass, but it might be a date night lipstick from here on out (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

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Olive My Love is perhaps the hardest of these three to apply (you need an even heavier coat to fully cover the natural shade of your lips with drab green). I wore it with a purple/pink and gray outfit to work, and I loved the contrast and how unique it was without being super arresting like a blue lipstick was.

Limnit Lipstick - Indie Makeup - Racin' Carnation

Racin’ Carnation is obviously the most traditionally wearable shade of these three, but I found that it was pretty unique, even to my growing collection. It’s a really great in-between color–neither dark/vampy nor super bright, and goes with pretty much everything.

Limnit Lipsticks - Affordable Indie Makeup

The easy-to-apply, creamy formula definitely makes Limnit Lipsticks stand out, as well as the low price of mini pots. They also wear a reasonably long amount of time, especially with a primer. I’ve also worn them on top of regular lip balm or by themselves without any issues. Once they set, the color should survive a not-too-messy meal and as many iced coffees as you can throw at it.


Limnit Lipsticks Tubes - Indie Makeup Review
Limnit Lipsticks in tubes from their Etsy
Limnit Lipsticks Formulas - Indie Makeup Review
Limnit Lipsticks formulas from their Etsy

If you’re totally in love with a color and want a bigger size, shop owner Trina has recently reformulated her traditional tube lipsticks and they are back in stock after a months-long hiatus. Tube lipsticks are only $12.95 and are 0.15oz, which is over twice the amount you get in a mini pot (2g or 0.07oz). I really want to try Punk’in, since my go-to lip color is always something orangey, and this shade from Limnit looks to be really, truly ORANGE! as opposed to orangey-pink like a lot of available shades from big makeup companies.

I’m so excited that I found Limnit Lipsticks–supporting an indie shop and getting out of my comfort zone with lip color was super gratifying, and Limnit is now easily one of my favorite brands, alongside old standbys like NARS.

#BROKELIFE PSA: As of June 1, Trina Luna – owner and magical hands behind Limnit Lipsticks – has annouced that all orders over $10 will receive a free sample lipstick! Free indie makeup, woot woot.

Do you have any favorite indie makeup brands? Let us know in the comments!

  • Addie

    you look incredible, and you totally rock that blue lipstick… since Im a teen of the 90s, I always associate blue lipstick with ravers which is not really my scene (more of a goth girl myself and I dabble in black lipstick on occasion)…. but seeing you in it gives me much more of a grown up idea…. maybe one day Ill try it!

  • Tiffany Willoughby

    Oooh love these! I really want to try racin’ carnation and olly olly oxen free