ModCloth’s Cute Drinking Glass Sets at Questionably Low Prices

You know how much I love a good drinking glass, particularly one you can see your drink through, and boy was I ever surprised to find some multi-glass sets for as low as $12 (for a set of 4!) at… ModCloth?

I’m used to ModCloth feeling kind of overpriced and kitschy, with many an “of-the-moment” Zoey Deschanel dress and some of the quickest-moving inventory I’ve ever seen. Blink at something cute one day, and the next day you’ll see that little red text reading “1 left!” which prompts you to make bad financial decisions by inciting panic and hyper-longing. It’s not pretty.

Their sale section this week, however, I was amazed to find a whole bunch of housewares – still available! – for under $25, often times under $15! There seemed to be an extra large number of drinking glasses and cocktail glasses, all with the signature ModCloth indie art vibe, but without the huge price tags!

Palmistry Glass Set

Digit Hear the News? (aka Palmistry) Glasses, $13.99 for 4

When I was a kid, my older sister had a few books about palmistry and palm reading. I remember sneaking into her room and stealing them, along with her burgundy sweater (sorry, Cleary), and looking at them in my own, much less cool bedroom. The palm charts were always so graphically interesting, full of cool lettering and interesting lines. These glasses are super nostalgic for me, and I love the light, golden tint of the glass! (16 oz. glasses.)

Lunar Full Moon Glasses

Catch Phase (aka Full Moon) Cocktail Glasses, $20.99 for 2

In honor of the most recent super blood harvest moon, here is a set of two old fashioned glasses that may be sitting atop this list at the most expensive, but it’s clear to see why they are highly badass. As one reviewer said, these glasses, much like the moon, are best when full! I’m considering getting them just so I can say that when I serve guests at parties. That one-liner might be worth the $21, actually. (But I don’t know how much liquid they hold and also the product description says they’re “10 inches in diameter” which is lol for us math nerds.)

Down the Hatch Glass Set

Home for Happy Hour (aka Down the Hatch) Glasses, $11.99 for 4

Okay, these titles are getting ridiculous. I’m partial to this design because I have a stainless steel flask with “Down the Hatch” on it, as well, so this design gives me warm fuzzies and makes my chest burn a little bit. As far as basic pint glasses go, these are a cute addition. If you have a highly graphic dish/kitchen style, these would be kind of an incredible set to complete a black & white, typographical motif! Same goes for those who can’t help but surround themselves with nautical themes. I hear you, it’s hard to deny. (16 oz. glasses.)

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Octopus Tentacle Old Fashioned Glasses

Last Tentacle (aka Octopus Tentacles) Glasses, $20.99 for 2

Everyone’s favorite cephalopod is finally on your favorite scotch glass! Every time I look at these, I can’t help but think of the smarmy Kraken Black Spiced Rum and its wild octopus motif, not to mention how fabulous all of this would look on a bar cart together. Or, if you’re like me and would never own a bar cart, you could just imagine these holding a The Perfect Storm (black spiced rum + ginger beer!).

Maritime Anchor Jar Glasses

Maritime of Our Lives (Anchor Jar) Glasses, $16.99 for 4

I couldn’t honestly finish out this post without including the twee-est drinking vessel of them all (& also my favorite ) – a jar. Not only a jar, but a jar with an anchor on it. In four different, tranquil shades of blue. I love having different colored glasses, and it’s definitely rare to find jar glasses in so many different colors! These shades remind me, appropriately, of sea glass. Cute little jars like this are also excellent for holding flowers! Cute!!