My Favorite Hi-Top Sneakers for Fall

Photo: Johnny Ngo
Photo: Johnny Ngo

The end of summer is within sight, and you know what that means… the best season of the year is coming.

Maybe I’m #unpopularopinion right now, but summer… is not the season I look forward to all year. My Tumblr has been littered with posts tagged FALL IS COMING and I couldn’t be less apologetic about it.

Photo: Charlotte C.
Photo: Charlotte C.

I am a girl who lives for closed toe shoes, laments the donation of heavy coats, and wakes up in the morning delighted to see overcast skies because that means there’s a chance of rain. Bring it on!90 degrees is too hot, and I just learned what a drought is – my appreciation of nice weather is sufficiently ruined by the fact that I was born & raised in the Pacific Northwest.

As far as non-heeled shoes go, my flat of choice is always sneakers. Lately, I’ve been jonesing for a pair of high top sneakers which, thankfully, are bountiful around this time of year due to Back To School season swinging into full effect. I might be 30 and a multi-college drop out, but I am grabbing my sneakers while they are hot – and on sale.

Converse Elsie Hi Top Sneakers

Converse All Star Elsie Hi-Top Sneakers, $55.99 (was $74.99)

I’m a Converse girl through and through, and I’ve had over a dozen pairs throughout my life, but I’ve never quite seen a pair of Converse as chill and relaxed as these. The greys are so light and soft, but then I realized that it’s leather and canvas – two extremely durable and lasting fabrics. These are such a cool change of pace from the regular All Stars!

adidas Superstar Fashion Sneaker

adidas Superstar Hi-Top Sneakers, $70 (were $90)

At first glance, I wasn’t able to tell if these adidas sneakers had a hidden wedge in the heel or not – but they do! I’m a longtime lover of wedge sneakers, and this deep blue with purple snakeskin is an awesome fall remix of classic shelltops. Navy blue usually doesn’t do much for me, but for some reason, it’s seriously greasing my carousel here.

Target Azure Leather Hi-Top Sneakers, $34.99

Among my favorite fabric juxtapositions: leather and knits. I love everything from wool with rough leather to mohair and sleek black leather. These graphic black and white hi tops put nubby tweed next to embossed faux leather and keeps the shape nice and tidy. I vote these into the officewear category, for sure.

adidas Park ST Mid Hi Top Sneakers

adidas Park ST Mid Hi-Top Sneakers, $42.99 (were $60)

These stood out to me because the pattern seems like it has a controllable volume. You could easily make these the focal point of a muted outfit, where they stand out, or a muted pattern amongst a louder outfit.

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Superga Photo Floral Hi Top Sneakers

Superga Annabella Hi Top Sneakers, $65 (were $90)

Now these… stopped my hear. My love for photographic prints rings true once again because I cannot get these sneakers out of my head! Everything about them is so basic and un-fancy… except for that print!! I need it!

Vans SK8 Hi Tops Disney Princess Sneakers

Vans SK8 Disney Princesses Hi-Top Sneakers, $69.95

These are for all of my grown up Disney girls! I have loads of very mature and successful friend who can’t quite shake their love for their favorite childhood princesses. These, I assure you, are Vans made in grown women’s sizes, and they’ve been lovingly adorned with all of your favorite fairytale princesses!

The Peoples Movement Marcos Hi Top Sneakers


The People’s Movement Marcos Hi Top Sneakers, $68.95

And on the polar opposite side of the spectrum: these perfectly simple hi top sneakers from The People’s Movement. Look closely and you’ll see that there’s some light embroidery around the ankle, barely noticeable but extra cool. The People’s Movement is also an ethical sneaker choice due to their charitable donation with each purchase, and the company’s commitment to reducing plastic waste. These shoes are made with recycled/upcycled plastic!