My Experience: Gorgeous, Budget Glasses

Last year was the year I decided – largely thanks to Obamacare – to take myself to the shop, aka catch up on all of my physicals and health-related appointments. One of the most important things on that list was to finally, after about 15 years of needing them, get glasses.

I found a really good optometrist and received my prescription glasses about a month after my appointment, which was excruciating. I grew up idolizing people who wore glasses (even wearing fake ones, which I still support) but, due to a doctor-related anxiety, never ended up going. Now that I’m committed to taking care of myself, I’m “rewarded” with glasses! Ludington Wayfarers contacted me (oddly) right after I got my prescription. I do not think they’re stalking me, but I admit, it was weird. They offered to let me check out a pair of their glasses in exchange for and honest review, and with my optometrist-issued free frames in hand… I jumped at it. I’ve always cruised their site because, as I said before, I love glassesPicking was definitely the hardest part by about one thousand miles.

I picked out these absolutely gorgeous Ludington Wayfarers in Tortoise ($35.95) Ludington Wayfarers Ludington Wayfarers

Tortoiseshell is always trying to seduce me, and it finally won out once I saw these perfectly shaped frames with delicate arms. The warm copper was stunning in the product photo on, and I’m pleased to report it’s just as gorgeous in real life. I get everyone from people in the grocery store to baristas asking me where I got my “perfect glasses,” the compliments are constantly rolling in whenever I wear them.

My favorite part about these glasses are the temples (“arms” on the side)! The actual lenses are large and wayfarer-y, but then they extend to these delicate, tapered temples that make these glasses look strong and feminine. The lines of these glasses are kind of willowy, but the construction is solid – I tried to bend one of the temple pieces with my hands and was unsuccessful.

That being said, I did accidentally bend them by laying on them when I forgot they were there! It took two pairs of pliers to bend the temple back into place (you can see the little dent on my right side, but I bet you hadn’t noticed until now!) and they’re still solid as a rock. The little kink in the side is barely noticeable because the glasses are so beautiful. Ludington Wayfarers Ludington Wayfarers

Selecting glasses from was really, really easy. Everything is organized neatly by shape, materials, and frame style so you can browse the styles you know fit your face. My personal favorite is the wayfarer shape, obviously, but I can’t resist looking at the other shapes, too – you never know!

If you’re not sure how something will look on you, they have a built-in try-on feature that uses your webcam to show you what the glasses would look like on your face.

My glasses arrived in a clear, plastic case and included a microfiber cleaning cloth. Ludington Wayfarers

Next on my list is prescription sunglasses, which also carries.

In addition to gorgeous, affordable glasses, also has awesome sales like the one they’re running right now, which is a Buy One, Get One Free! Get one for you, one for your friend or partner! (My boyfriend has the Steven glasses in black & brown and loves them! We definitely should have waited for this sale, grrrr… 

Luckily, there are hundreds and hundreds of glasses and frames under $40 (may cost more depending on your prescription), and I’m drooling over so many of them that I should probably just shut up and show them to you. Glasses Frames Under $40

Find your favorite glasses on! provided glasses for review, opinions are 100% my own.

Probably watching Netflix.

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