Sustainable Holidays: Send Free Panties to Your BFF with Naja Lingerie

Now it doesn’t get much more affordable than this – Naja Lingerie, one of our favorite affordable and ethical lingerie companies, is running a wacky promotion where they’ll send your BFF a pair of brand new, beautiful Naja panties for free. Yes, free panties. – well, you pay the meager shipping fees, but other than that – free. (Also, it’s US-only. Sorry for the thousandth time, Canada.)

Free Naja Panties for BFFs

Sound too good to be true? I did it myself. I sent a pair of free panties to my friend and occasional B&B contributor, Zoë, because she is an actual goddess from Philly given to me to cherish and love forever. Also, I wanted to make sure that this promotion wasn’t some kind of evil trap. But mostly because Zoë deserves to live in a candy mansion with a unicorn stable and a dedicated ice cream freezer. (So you can see, she definitely deserves free panties.)

The results were fabulous. Zoë lives clear across the country from me in Philadelphia and we only get to see each other about once per year. Being able to hand her shipping address over to Naja and front the shipping fees ($4) meant that my super-deserving BFF who lives thousands of miles away can get a surprise gift with little to no damage to my bank account! In only a few days, I started receiving screaming text messages and loving tweets being launched in my direction.

Free Naja Panties for BFFs

Naja’s panties, if this is your first introduction, are super comfy and made with environmentally conscious processes (like using digital printing instead of thousands of gallons of water to dye fabric) and are some of the most comfortable around. As much as they can, fabrics from recycled bottles are used in the lingerie creation process.

They aren’t the cheapest, with the least expensive pair being $12, but their designs are truly works of art, and I can’t deny that I would gladly shell out the last of my pocket change for anything from the Talavera collection.

Naja Talavera Red Olivia Bra

But that’s a topic for another post. (… that I already wrote and sometimes look at, longingly.)

Of course, this whole promotion is to help introduce people to their brand of beautiful underwear and lingerie. The special element of Naja isn’t just in the high quality fabrics, though, it’s the women behind the brand – the women who built the brand, the women who wear the brand, and the women who make the brand: single mothers in struggling areas of Columbia who are given an employment opportunity and, subsequently, a new and marketable skill set through Naja’s Underwear For Hope program.

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And these women came together to prompt us to take care of each other. What a perfect way to remind someone you’ve been unable to see or speak with that you value them!

Naja Free Panties for BFFs

So yeah, doing something awesome for your friend (free panties!!) AND for womankind at the same time… Not a bad way to spend $4! The promotion is only running until Tuesday, December 15th, so if you want to hook up your friend, mom, or sister – now is your opportunity.

Send your BFF some free, ethical Naja Lingerie panties here!

For the holidays – or just because!

(Psst – if after you put your friend’s shipping address in on the product page, you get confused during check out because it’s asking you for another shipping address, go ahead and put your shipping address along with your billing address. As long as you put your friend’s address at the link above, they won’t accidentally get shipped to you or anything.)

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