OCC Introduces Lip Tar Test Tubes

OCC Rhythm Box Stained Gloss over Black Dahlia Liner
OCC Rhythm Box Stained Gloss over Black Dahlia Lip Liner

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is one of my favorite cosmetic brands and their famous product, Lip Tar, is one of Broke & Beautiful’s favorite products. (See our Lip Tar Review here!) They are thick, shameless, and completely lust-worthy.

As B&B contributor Zoë discussed in her review, Lip Tars are definitely not luxuriously expensive, but they’re not cheap either. Each tube is about $18 and when the color you’re selecting is a metallic coral or lime green matte, it can feel like pretty big investment.

OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes

That’s why the release of OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes is such a delight. A selection of 12 Lip Tar shades – matte, metallic and their newest formula, stained gloss – in test tube sizes have been released in order to get more colors into your hands for less money.

These little tubes are full of the same Lip Tar lipstick formula as their larger counterpart, but in a much smaller amount (0.08oz compared to full sized 0.33oz) andyou get three Lip Tar colors for $19.

OCC Lip Tar Test Tubes in Picadilly Palare

Lip Tar Test Tube Trio in Picadilly Palare, and a look created with the set.

OCC Lip Tar Test Tube Trios

There are four color combinations to choose from:

  • Picadilly Palare: Pretty Boy (matte super rich fuchsia), Yaoi (metallic true fuchsia), RX (matte true cyan blue)
  • Heatwave: Trollop (matte pinked coral), Super NSFW (metallic gold laced red), Role Play (metallic deep maroon with red pearl)
  • Scarlet Starlet: Stalker (matte blue-based red), Vintage (matte deep burgundy), Black Metal Dahlia (metallic blackened burgundy with red pearl) 
  • Perpetually Pink*: Hedonist (neon pastel pink stained gloss), New Wave (glassy neon pink stained gloss), Rhythm Box (translucent burgundy stained gloss)
  • My Bloody Valentine*: Mein Herr (creme fraiche beige stained gloss), Jealous (red orange shellac stained gloss), Little Black Dress (translucent black stained gloss)

* Two of these sets, Perpetually Pink and My Bloody Valentine, are comprised entirely of OCC’s stained glosses. They’re excellent alone or on top of another shade.

If you already know you’re in love with Lip Tar and you just need to get your hands on every single color they make… Prepare yourself for the ultimate birthday list item:

Full Set OCC Test Tube Lip Tars

All 12 Test Tube colors together, with brush, for $59.

Did your eyes just fall out of your head? I cannot express how badly I want this collection. The opportunity to try the top of the top OCC Lip Tars!? Sign me up, please.

As usual, OCC encourages mixing and playing with their professional-quality colors. I cannot wait to get my hands on a set – I’m not sure which one is most appealing! I’m really intrigued by the stained glosses, but I’ve heard amazing things about their matte and metallic lip tars, too… If I had to pick one right now or lose a finger, I would probably spring for Heatwave, as a safe choice, but I’m really interested in My Bloody Valentine!

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Which OCC Lip Tar Test Tube Trio is your favorite?

* PS – As always, these are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!