StyleSaint Releases “Better Than Cotton” Organic Eucalyptus Fabric

Oh, you’d better believe I’ve been keeping up with StyleSaint. Ever since I first featured StyleSaint, they’ve continuously held my attention by being an innovative, direct-seller of sustainable fashion.

Every time I come to this site, I fall more and more in love with the StyleSaint brand. Since I was there last, they’ve updated their website to show the very specific statistics about the environmental and social impact of each garment.

Recently, StyleSaint introduced a new fabric to their repertoire: 100% organic eucalyptus tencel.

StyleSaint Eucalyptus Fabric

And before you close the window after seeing “eco-friendly” and “organic” which, in fashion, usually means bigtime $$$$, let me remind you about one of the awesome things about StyleSaint — they’re direct-to-consumer, so there’s no retail markup to make your life hard. It’s just people who want to get smart clothes into your fashionable hands.

This brand is known for their sustainable work with amazing fabrics like silk and lace, but this organic eucalyptus fabric is next level. It takes no water to produce, and includes no chemicals or dye runoff. The result is a beautiful fiber that, when mixed with a little stretch, surpasses cotton in comfort and practicality, according to StyleSaint.

“It’s softer, stronger, more absorbent, super breathable, naturally anti-microbial, fast-drying, and completely sustainable.”

StyleSaint Eucalyptus Ribbed Wrap Top in Sage
Eucalyptus Ribbed Wrap Top in Sage, $64

You can’t go wrong with a timeless basic like a wrap top, and if the stats are accurate, then I officially cannot wait to get my hands on this fabric!

Each organic eucalyptus wrap top:

saves 960 gallons of water
creates 2.5 yards of sustainable fabric
pays for 2 hours of labor at an ethical living wage

Their factory is in the United States — Los Angeles, to be specific, by a family-run factory that’s been in business for 25 years. In fact, StyleSaint cuts, sews, assembles and even mills the fabric in the USA!

StyleSaint Eucalyptus Ribbed Top in Black
StyleSaint Eucalyptus Ribbed Top in Black, $48

Right now, these are the only two tops that StyleSaint has available in the organic eucalyptus fabric, and there are also a gorgeous pair of stretch trousers… but due to their awesome tendency to listen to their customers, if there’s a good response, we will likely see more beautiful pieces in this environmentally friendly fabric.

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