PajamaJeans: My Most Comfortable Review to Date

What do brand new sweatshirts, worn out jeans, and your decade-old pajama pants have in common? The long answer involves highly detailed research into the science of comfort and psychological connections associated with physical touch and perceived emotions.

The short answer is PajamaJeans.


PajamaJeans are pretty self explanatory. They’re a cozy hybrid of plush pajama pants and your favorite pair of everyday jeans. They’re not jeggings. While they’re definitely stretchy, these aren’t like leggings because they don’t adhere to your legs with that springy, thin feel. These are closer to sweatpants than leggings, but you wouldn’t know it unless you were in them. On the outside, they are full-blown, five (yes, five) pocket, rivet detail jeans.

I have two pairs of PajamaJeans: the Skinny PajamaJeans in Vintage Wash & the Corduroy Skinny PajamaJeans in Teal.

I chose the Vintage Wash PajamaJeans from the other options like skinny indigo wash and skinny black wash because, despite my  array of denim options, I have clearly forgotten to keep a standard, basic, all-purpose pair of jeans around. I have embellished, colorful, and waxed jeans, but none that are just… good old-fashioned blue jeans. The vintage wash is the perfect worn-in blue jean look, but with all the comfort of bedtime.

If you’re into the corduroy PajamaJeans, read my seperate review here.

I was honestly astounded when I realized that these PajamaJeans actually had five pockets – some straight-up jeans don’t even have five pockets! Jeggings definitely don’t come with five pockets unless they’re high end and thus out of my budget.

One of the concerns I had after ordering was that the PajamaJeans would arrive and they’d look like those epically cheap “denim leggings” that basically look like white leggings that went through a printer from 1990 and came out with “jeans print” on them, complete with printed-on rivets and pockets. They are the grossest. Luckily PajamaJeans, along with aforementioned pockets, have small metal rivets where rivets go, hearty seams down the sides, and come in a slim leg shape that really pulls off the skinny jean silhouette including cuff-able leg openings.



The inside of PajamaJeans feels like a really nice terrycloth bathrobe, or a really comfy pair of lounge pants. It’s really amazing because the PajamaJeans keep their structure and even smooth your curves in areas without ever feeling constricting.

Speaking of non-constricting magic: when PajamaJeans had to choose whether the fastener on the front would be taken from pajamas or from jeans… they chose pajamas.



Yes. Drawstring waist. Five pockets, skinny leg, and a drawstring waist. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. That little pink tie is made of strong woven cotton and will not break on you – it’s tough and the knot doesn’t slide around when you tie it. It tucks into the waistband of the pants so it won’t give away your filthy PajamaJean secret.


PajamaJeans come in your basic denim lineup of colors and patterns (including polka dot!). If you’re not brainwashed into only wearing skinny jeans like me, PajamaJeans are also available in boot cut, which I assume are just as comfortable as the skinnies. Each pair retails new for $49.99 but you can catch them on sale for only $29.99.

What? Blah blah blah, your boyfriend? Well let him know that he can have his own pair of lazy aging millennial slash new mother holy savior pants for the same price. (Seriously, though… he may want some after he sees yours. Everyone who has seen mine has definitely asked me where to get them!) They also have a comfortable workwear alternative called Slax that looks like it might make dressing for the office about a million times more comfortable.

See the full lineup of PajamaJeans on their website!

(Don’t forget to check out the corduroy skinny PajamaJeans review before picking the pair you want to buy!)

Probably watching Netflix.

4 thoughts on “PajamaJeans: My Most Comfortable Review to Date

  • September 8, 2015 at 7:28 am

    Pajama Jeans….an amazing concept. They look incredibly comfortable and not bad on the eyes. Anything with the word “pajama” in it, doesn’t make me want to wear in public (i.e. ladies in their PJ bottoms in the grocery store). However, these jeans are really fabulous to look at. Might have to try these out myself!

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  • April 28, 2016 at 11:23 pm

    I’ve been wearing these since they first came out in just the one color but they make them in so many colors & styles now and they ARE super comfortable. No one ever guesses they’re not regular jeans. They’re flattering and you can actually bend over in them and they’re not cold and hard like many jeans. I have donated all my other pants that “cut” into my stomach!

  • May 7, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    wow. 30 smackers for ONE pair of soft easy on the nerves jeans. LOLOLOLOL. SUCH a STEAL. people are starving you fucks. The only thing that makes these okay is that I have hypersensitive nerves and HAVe to wear such things. Otherwise I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. ooo contradiction and cognitive dissonance! It’s the new black! Inflation and price gouging should never have been implemented. Pricing hikes of any kind are disgusting. I feel like I’m killing babies every time I buy something.

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