Pick Me: A Collection by John Grant for Oasis

Florals didn’t do anything for me for most of my life, but over the last few years, their evolution from an octogenarian sofa favorite to modern, even edgy design element has been inspiring. The collaboration from budget-friendly British fashion shop Oasis and American-based photographer John Grant push florals even further into concurrence by chilling down the colors and rendering each blossom in high-definition.

Wovenfront Jumper, $72 & Roll Neck Top, $63

The collaborator, John Grant, is a photographer from Virginia who excels in capturing botanicals – mainly flowers, but sprinkles in breathtaking photographs of other greenery like this striking purple cabbage. There’s something extremely ethereal about his work, and I do mean “extremely.” Each photo has a haunting, almost ghostly quality that makes it hard to look away, especially given the fact that each photo is so extremely intricate and crisp with detail. You can frequently see veins and the inner-workings of petals and stems if you look closely.

John Grant x Oasis Placement Floral Sweatshirt

Placement Crepe Sweatshirt, $55

Longline Coat, $190

John Grant x Oasis Roll Neck Top

Roll Neck Top, $63

Oasis clearly chose a brilliant collaborative partner for a fall/winter collection. Grant’s photos juxtaposed against soft creams and deep blacks highlight the delicate nature of each floral subject. The collection was envisioned as a capsule, so each of the 12 pieces were added to the collection with the understanding that they’ll need to play nicely with the other shapes and styles. Achieving balance and wear-ability is easy when you use classic shapes like pencil skirts, cap sleeve tops, and crew neck tees.

John Grant x Oasis Floral Sweatshirt

Floral Sweatshirt, $62

Chiffon Overlay Tee, $52 & Photographic Floral Placement Top, $63

Obviously, this hits all of my photographic print buttons, but also unleashes my love of beautiful flowers! These aren’t computer-generated graphics, these are real photographs of real, Earth-grown plants, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Oasis recommends lots of leather pairings, which I completely agree with, so they’ve included lots of rock’n’roll options in the collection, as well. There’s only one skirt in the John Grant collaboration, so the capsule is littered with corresponding skinny jeans and leather skirts.

My favorite pieces are the short sleeve tops. I can’t get over the roll neck top and how unbelievably beautiful these photographic prints look against the chiffon and crepe fabrics.

The John Grant x Oasis collection ranges from $32 to $190 (that coat). If you sign up for Oasis’ newsletter, they will send you a code for 15% off immediately, so if you’re hooked on a peace but can’t imagine paying full retail – there’s hope for you!

Probably watching Netflix.