Firmoo’s Affordable Glasses

Ever since I was 12 or so, I’ve wanted a vast and wide collection of (affordable) glasses. I love glasses. They’re amazing accessories that can add a ton of character to a face, no matter the shape! I don’t believe in “I just don’t have the face for glasses.” Everyone has a face for glasses because everyone has a face! (If you do not have a face I am so sorry.)

Firmoo Black Wayfarer Glasses-3

Firmoo has an unbelievable amount of affordable glasses. My favorite Firmoo styles all come in under $40… with prescription! Tons of shapes, colors, and styles are available and the prices are super reasonable, considering glasses are something you use daily! There are a good number of glasses that come in over the $40 mark, but with the sales (you’ll hear more about those later), you’re pretty much guaranteed a good price by default!

They offered to send me a pair of their glasses and let me do the shopping on their website, instead of just asking what I’d like and shipping it out. I always like it when brand I’m reviewing lets me shop their site because it gives me an authentic customer experience – no special treatment.

Firmoo Black Wayfarer Glasses-4

I honestly really enjoyed shopping for glasses on this site. Not only is it always fun to look at gorgeous glasses, but their review system is one of the best I’ve seen on any retail website! Nearly every pair of glasses have photo reviews on the same page, featuring customers wearing the glasses you’re looking at. 

It makes it way easier to trust that you’re making the right decision when you can see the glasses on someone else’s face, and see how they photograph (for those of you who love the art of the selfie, that’s important).

Firmoo Black Wayfarer Glasses-14

Firmoo Free Glasses & Map Case

Firmoo Black Wayfarer Glasses-5

I selected these super standard, black wayfarer glasses that have since been phased out. They are my “Safety Glasses,” meaning they go with absolutely everything. Additionally, the case they sent with the glasses is better than I ever imagined, and they have the best microfiber cloth of any glasses I’ve had (and that’s a lot). For $36, I definitely recommend it.

Firmoo Antique Map Glasses Case

Firmoo Black Wayfarer Glasses-9

Oh, by the way, if you’re in the market for affordable glasses, I would highly advise signing up for Firmoo’s newsletter, as they have frequent sales where they mark down their inventory to anywhere from 20% to 85% on crazy days. In fact, all of Firmoo’s New Arrivals and, um, everything else is 30% off with the code FAPR30.

Or, I mean, it would be if you were on their email list and got the email that told you that deal is exclusively for email subscribers. So you ought to, because things like this happen a lot.

Here are a selection of my other favorite Firmoo glasses all under $40! (And that’s before any coupon codes.)

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PS – New Customers: Sneak into the Free Glasses link at the bottom of their website, and you’ll see that that every Friday (today!!) they offer on pair of frames for free. FOR FREE. FOR NO MONEY. The have two dozen frames available, and you only pay shipping.

Firmoo Free Glasses

PPS – You can also get free shipping (USA) on all orders over $39 with the code FREESHIP.

* Check the comments for other user experiences! Prices vary based on additional features and high prescriptions.