Sheena Sujan Lashes: The Eyelashes of Vintage Icons

Sheena Sujan had an ingenious, wish-I’d-thought-of-it-first idea: create false lashes based on the beautiful features of Hollywood’s most iconic beauties.

Brigette Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren… If you’ve ever wished you could have their lashes… Keep reading.

Those names are just a few examples of the women that have burned their unique and beautiful looks into our retinas forever. Although all are considered “iconic,” neither looks even remotely similar to another. Does Audrey Hepburn look anything like Lauren Hutton? Not even close.

But those laaaashheesssss…!

I didn’t realize how much lashes really were a major part of your noticeable facial traits until I saw these lashes from Sheena Sujan. For instance, her Lauren Hutton lashes are definitely exclusive to Lauren Hutton — same for Audrey Hepburn! Those lashes couldn’t belong to anyone else.

Sheena Sujan Lashes Review

Sheena Sujan sent over all of their amazing lashes, each designed after a different woman I’ve crushed on at one point in my life. For my initial flight, I chose to emulate the immeasurable beauty of Dorothy Daindridge.

Dorothy Daindridge

Dorothy Daindridge Lashes by Sheena Sujan

Each set of lashes comes in a magnetic closure case that keeps the majority of dust and debris away from your lashes which extends their life! Also on the inside of each case: a quote from Audrey Hepburn. <3

Dorothy Daindridge Lashes by Sheena Sujan

I’ve never (emphasis on never) been good at applying false lashes. They’ve always deterred me because, when I would put them on incorrectly, they would feel like 50 lb. brooms on my eyelids, and the glue — oh, the glue…

But dammit, I’m almost 30 and if I’m going to take full advantage of my youthful babeness now, I might as well learn how to properly apply false lashes. Here’s my favorite YouTube tutorial on applying false lashes:

The best application involved Duo Dark Lash Glue and the methods in that video. I’m generally terrible at applying false lashes, but after watching that twice, I was extremely pleased with the outcome!

So here’s what I look like with a little Dorothy Daindridge in me:

Dorothy Daindridge Lashes by Sheena Sujan

It’s so different for me to have big ol’ eyelashes — I feel like a Kardashian.

…But in a way I think I could get used to. At least every now and then!

Dorothy Daindridge Lashes by Sheena Sujan

Dorothy Daindridge Lashes by Sheena Sujan
The lashes themselves feel very well made from real human hair. (Truly the best material for falsies!) They are the complete opposite of the $1/pair packs I used to get when I was a teenager. These are made to last you through years of wear, provided you properly care for them.

Following several instructions and recommendations, I cut the lashes to fit my eye before I applied them. I ended up cutting about ¼” in from my inner tear ducts, because that’s just about the size of my fullest lash chunk. Make sense? Anyway, it was easy-peasy.

Dorothy Daindridge Lashes by Sheena Sujan

These stayed on very, very well, and the lash strip is nice and thin, so you can really jam it into your lash line until it’s unnoticeable. I didn’t put mascara on before applying the lashes, which was against recommendations, but I applied after and kind of wish I’d done it before, too. They still blended well, but I wouldn’t have minded if they blended even better!

Dorothy Daindridge lashes by Sheena Sujan

The Duo Dark lash glue was very interesting. I think mine slid around a little too much after I dropped the lashes on with tweezers. There was some definite smudging, but nothing I couldn’t cover up with a thick band of liquid eyeliner.

I also wonder if you’d need to do eyeliner first if you’re using the black lash glue… it seemed to be pretty dark stuff that needs to be evened out after it dries a bit, so going over it with liner is a must for me.

Dorothy Daindridge Lashes by Sheena Sujan

Taking them off: also a piece of cake. Once they’re off, though, you want to clean them before returning them to their magnetic closure case. You can do this by using a eye-makeup-remover-soaked cotton swab and gently wiping the makeup off of your lash strip. Also, you’ll want to carefully pull the dry, elastic glue off of the band of your lashes. Careful not to damage the band!

Sheena Sujan lashes are $19 per pair, and worth the investment if you’re a regular lash-wearer.

I can’t wait to try the other lashes in her collection. There are some that I’m a little intimidated by (looking at you, Brigette Bardot), but I am eager to find reasons to wear them. Weeding the garden! Changing the oil! Sale on broccoli at the grocery store! Any time is a good time for false lashes if you put an exclamation point behind it.

See the full collection of iconic lady lashes by Sheena Sujan, and if there’s a pair you’re dying to see amateurly-applied to unremarkable eyelids — let me know! I’m always happy to be your guinea pig wearing eyelashes.

Probably watching Netflix.

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