(A)DD: Skechers Mad Dash Money Slouch Boots

Every season is boot season, am I right? It’s undeniable: boots look good with everything. Sorry. They just do. Skirts, skinny jeans, leggings, tights, tall socks… There’s a boot for all of it. Even for work! Am I right? All of you who have shopped at Shoes Fella, know that boots can be so versatile!

Admittedly, the frequently of boot-wearing goes down in the summer, but only by about 25%. Pairing up slouchy boots like these ones from Skechers with airy skirts or cutoffs is just as appealing as a sandal on some days! (Though, let’s not forget that this northwestern corner of the United States thinks “summer” is 75ºF and overcast.)

Skechers Mad Dash Money Slouch Boots

…Did I lose you at Skechers? I know, I know. They’re responsible for such atrocities as Shape-Ups and being somewhat incapable of maintaining the sneaker-reign that they held for white people in the 90s. For the last decade, I have associated Skechers with brown, faux suede and soles that are too thick and made everything look cheaper.

Well, Skechers knows that their reputation with grown adults has been in the toilets for a while, so they’ve been revamping. These Mad Dash Money boots are representative of their foray into more quality design, including some work boots and, well, just better style overall.

Source: Clothes to Homme
Source: Clothes to Homme

It’s working, too! Bloggers are wearing these boots, in all colors, and despite their apparent popularity and ability to look good with every type of bottomthey are on sale for $22-$25. (Price range because it’s Amazon and Amazon’s stupid pricing.)

Check it out!: Skechers Mad Dash Money Boots, were $69 now $22-25 at Amazon

There are four colors available, and three of them (black, taupe and brown) are available in all sizes. Dark brown is available in select sizes.