SOHO Disney Makeup Brush Giveaway from London SOHO New York

The beauty brand that named itself after 2.5 different places, London SOHO New York, has released a new line of beauty tool sets inspired by the most iconic Disney Princesses called SOHO Disney.

There are five sets available in the Disneybounder-delighting collection, and they honestly all seem to be… surprisingly legit.

Disney SOHO Ariel Complexion Brush Set
Disney SOHO Ariel Complexion Brush Set

The five Disney-themed makeup brush sets and products are:

The brushes don’t come in their own case, but if you are way into this idea, you’l be pleased to know that there is a whole huge line of makeup bags, train cases, and even weekenders available from SOHO Disney.

Disney SOHO Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set
Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set

But… aren’t these Disney makeup brushes for kids?

Well, A) that’s a terrible idea and B) most definitely not.

Sure, they’re vibrant and simply designed, and obviously stand out amongst other brushes, but they are definitely grown-ass-adult quality makeup brushes. What 6 year old needs an angled eyeliner brush or brow filler? Or… makeup, in general?

Aurora Fairy Sponge Set
Aurora Fairy Sponge Set

Even I’m intimidated by beauty sponges like the three in the Aurora set… That’s some advanced cosmetic application and I’m not sure anyone under 15 would be able to use it properly without heavy instruction.

So yes. This is not your preschooler’s makeup brush. This is for makeup lovers who grew up on Disney and can’t shake the nostalgic story themes from our hearts.

London SOHO New York gave me the opportunity to check out a few pieces of the Walgreens-exclusive line: Ariel Magic Illusion Complexion Brushes, Aurora Fairy Sponges, and Belle Enchanted Eyes Eye Brushes.

Ariel Magical Illusion Complexion Set
Ariel Magical Illusion Complexion Set

Instantly, I was most taken with the neon algae colored Ariel complexion brushes ($14.99). Obviously, they are beautiful to look at, but what I loved were the brush shapes: a long, flat end for foundation with a smaller end for concealer, and on the other brush, a less common short, blunt brush which is great for highlighting and contouring.

Disney SOHO Belle Enchanted Eyes Makeup Brushes
Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set

The Belle Enchanted Eyes brushes ($12.99) was also really well put together. I love the bright yellow and bronze-y gold together, plus – again – the actual brush shapes are really well thought out and desirable. Those angle brushes are great for eyeliner, but they’re also great for filling in brows or, in a pinch, lining lips! The other two brushes are ideal for blending and dramatizing eyes. They’re very soft and fluffy.

Aurora Fairy Sponge Set
Aurora Fairy Sponge Set

Last, but I’m sure not least… The Aurora Fairy Sponges ($12.99). These beauty sponges are legitimate, and I know I said that before, but I really mean it. You can feel that they are not your average sponge, and the each beauty sponge is shapes in specific ways to assist you in getting the coverage you want. The points and planes on each sponge can get everywhere from the inner corners of your eye to covering the expanse of your cheek, and leave the finish looking flawless. (If you’re wondering how the hell these are connected to Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty — think of the colors of the three good fairies!)

If you’re a huge Disney fan (I know a handful of ladies who are probably wearing mouse ears right now) these are an awesome and functional (SOHO is all about “FUNKtionality”) way to bring some Disney Princess beauty into your daily routine. At the very least, they’re a gorgeous upgrade to your high-end drugstore brushes.

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Luckily, if you’re on the fence about getting some for yourself – hold up, because… I’m giving these away. All of them. To one person.

Giveaway: SOHO Disney Makeup Brush & Sponge Sets

Note: This giveaway is now closed!

SOHO Disney Makeup Brush Giveaway

Instant makeup brush collection! Man, if you didn’t have brushes and were thinking about where to start – this would be a great day for you to push a couple buttons and potentially get an eight piece makeup brush and sponge collection all at once!

The giveaway prize will include:

  • Ariel Magical Illusion Complexion Brush Set
  • Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set
  • Aurora Fairy Sponges

Special for you: The Ariel brush set isn’t even available on yet, so it’s pretty darn exclusive!

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