Target Home Sale: How To Do It Responsibly *and* Irresponsibly

Target is having a major sale on everything related to and for your home. Which is why it’s called The Target Home Sale, I guess.

The sale deets: Get up to 30% off of home delights, plus take $10 off your $50 purchase with the code DECORATE at checkout.

They’ve got everything in this sale. Appliances for your kitchen, stuff for your bathroom, dishes, bedding, freakin’ light fixtures… It’s a home sale, okay?!

target dance

There are two ways to approach big sales from Target – the responsible way, and the irresponsible way. 

Responsible Shopping at the Target Home Sale
Vintage Style Edison Bulb, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Crock-Pot 6 Qt. Slow Cooker, Nesting Shelves, 18-Pack Hangers, Dirt Devil Bagless Vacuum

The responsible way to attack a Target Home Sale would be to beeline for the light bulbs, cleaning supplies, hangers, and a freaking Crock-Pot so you can stop eating sandwiches for dinner. Adult shopping, like buying a vacuum or at the very least – a Swiffer. It’s picking up a hand basket at the door instead of hobbling towards the front of the store with your arms full of un-paid-for merchandise (not a good look). That’s what a well-adjusted adult would do… but none of us are pretending to be card-carrying members of that club, which brings us to…

Irresponsible Shopping at Target Home Sale
Seeded Glass Industrial Floor Lamp, Industrial Plug-In Pendant, Seeded Glass Edison Uplight, Yellow Fretwork Accent Table, Teal Windham One Door Accent Table, Silk Ornamental Grass, Ceramic Sheep

The irresponsible way to approach a Target Home Sale. I don’t even have to explain this to you, but I will. This means letting your big waffle feet walk towards whichever bold jewel tone or graphic pattern draws your attention in that moment. Finding excuses for lamps you’ll never turn on. Or off. Picking up a table you’ll end up considering hanging on the wall because you knew going in that you had no space for it in your apartment. And some silk grass. And a ceramic sheep.

Irresponsible shopping. It’s fun. (But more importantly: it’s irresponsible.)

I say shoot for the grey areas. Things like KitchenAid mixers (almost HALF OFF, you guys.), gorgeous bath towels, and watercolor prints of the world map are all half responsible, half irresponsible. Oh, and a french press. It saves money!! And yeah, the map is educational and decorative, okay? Being curious about and interested in the world is very responsible.

Watercolor World MapDon’t you feel smarter?

Shop the Target Home Sale! 

Probably watching Netflix.