The Best of Summer Sweatshirts Under $50

May has been uncharacteristically hot this year. Like I mentioned yesterday, each year, this rainy seaside state gets warmer and warmer. Last week, there was one day that topped 75 degrees, then this weekend we had a cloudless 65 degree day and, while that might sound like winter temperatures for many out there, that is h-o-t for me. My Irish/Welsh blood can’t take the sun, and this weekend I got my first (and hopefully last) sunburn of the summer.

Now when the sun goes down, everything is extra cold. Not just unpleasantly chilly, but like shivering in your t-shirt while everyone looks at you weird cold. Every part that isn’t burned feels fine, every part that has been touched by the sun for more than 30 seconds (in my case, that is): hypothermic.

So if you clicked on this post hoping I would explain what the hell a “summer sweatshirt” was and why anyone this side of masochism would want one – that’s why. Because I’m irresponsible with sunscreen. And don’t want to go inside yet.

Tommy Hilfiger Summer Sweatshirt Hoodie with Chevron Stripe
Tommy Hilfiger Chevron Stripe Hoodie, $29.99 (was $$79.50)

I’ve always had a soft spot for sweatshirts, as they’ve played a major role in my life. For example, I exclusively  wore hoodie sweatshirts daily between ages 14-16 and even staged a wildly adolescent “hunger strike” for a hoodie from a famous shop in Vancouver, B.C. which I cannot remember the name of, but the sweatshirt said “Bad Cop No Donut” on it. (Sigh.) I still have it because I feel like getting rid of it means that I don’t love my parents anymore.

Since wearing that sweatshirt out in public is no longer an option, and hasn’t been one for around a decade, it’s time for an upgrade.

Something I’ve always loved about sweatshirts is that they never get old. Thanks to hipsters, vintage-style sweatshirts are just as cool as new designer sweatshirts. Take that Tommy Hilfiger Chevron hoodie, for example – that could just as easily be your Dad’s sweatshirt from 1977… but it’s not!

Though, it’s just as appealing (to me, anyway) as the very floral Volcom hoodie, which is moderately hypnotizing. I love how it balances sporty lines with clearly feminine white and roses. They have a black version available in an XS, which is mostly black with only the lining of the hood flashing a pattern of bold roses. It is equally gorgeous and I’m bummed that it only comes in XS!

Summer sweatshirts are also a garment that I don’t mind going out of my comfort zone with. For instance, a style that really shines through summer sweatshirts is traditional preppy style. Clean stripes, lots white & navy, plus a constant nautical theme throughout. The style conjures up images of rich people on sailboats, country clubs, and winery tours – none of which are my thing, but I can’t deny the appeal of a cozy, preppy sweatshirt.

If you still don’t understand “summer sweatshirts” after this post – it’s okay. You’ll be back. After your first sunburn & bonfire – you’ll be back.

Probably watching Netflix.