Trend On The Rise: Tropical Palm Leaf Print

Is it just me, or is this seemingly classic print back from… whatever decade it first came from, and is now everywhere from sundresses to chair upholstery?! I swear this tropical palm leaf print has seeped into every facet of my life, and in turn, is taking over my brain.

INC Printed Palm Leaf Dress
INC Cut Out Back Palm Leaf Dress from Macy’s

This classic green palm leaf on white background print reminds me specifically of bougie cruises and chunky gold jewelry. It has a vintage vibe to it, but still fits in with my generation’s penchant for minimal and frequently irreverent design. It’s almost tacky, but instead errs on the side of cool and retro.

What I’m saying is: this print is totally hipster and I can completely see why someone would want it in their lives.

The palm leaf print is also coming back in new variations, too, including different and frequently more colors – even as far as throwing a literal rainbow of colors at the idea of palm leaf print and shaping it onto a motorcycle jacket.

Jennifer Lopez Rainbow Palm Leaf Moto Jacket
Jennifer Lopez Palm Leaf Scuba Jacket, $66

Another favorite transformation for the palm leaf print is to remove the color, completely. Rendering this print black and white highlights the organic qualities and, well, the fact that it’s definitely a leaf we’re looking at here.

Motel Shila Palm Leaf Print in Black, $25
Motel Shila Palm Leaf Print in Black, $25

It’s like looking at an x-ray of a palm leaf!

Designers are having lots of fun interpreting this decidedly summery print. There are color variations, scale variations, and all types of artistic license being taken with this simple print as it quickly gains momentum. You’re about to have a second wind, palm leaf print! Get ready!