Two Broke Soulmates, Living on Strings: Chargaux

Feeling lost and alone is a crucial part of growing up. I think we can all relate to feeling isolated, like aliens, among our peers for one reason or another – completely sure that there’s just no one else out there who understands us.

Stories like the one you’re about to hear will reassure you that you do have people, and as long as you practice what you love and work hard towards what you want, the universe will lift the road up to meet you, and if you’re extra good, may even gift you with your soulmate.

The universe granted this to two interdisciplinary artists named Charly & Margaux. Once they met, they instantly became Chargaux: a visual art and music collective.

Charly & Margaux of Chargaux

Charly on violin, Margaux on viola. The two met in Boston when Margaux, who was working a corporate job she hated, came across a beautiful, brightly colored girl with funky clothes and gorgeous hair playing her violin on the street. She immediately introduced herself, mentioned that she played viola, and the two smashed together to start reinventing the way we listen to strings.

If you’re familiar with my generation’s Tumblr girl, you’ll understand what I mean what I say that these two artists are beacons of self-love – love for their music, love for their fans, and love for the opportunity to be alive and make art.


By Hannah Sider

The look on Charly’s face every time she embarks on a new bar of music, the way you can see the sound moving through Margaux’s core as she plays… those are the ticks of passion that are easily heard through each piece of music that Chargaux arranges.

The two moved to Brooklyn together to expand as interdisciplinary artists and release their first of many singles and EPs.

Chargaux says that each song is like a tiny commercial for an artist’s personality, and if that’s the case, then any of their original songs including the above video for “The Lone Ranger” boasts a music vibrance and pulse that is definitely new to the history of classical strings.

Let me show you how I was introduced to Chargaux, who had me replaying their cover of Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High)” no less than twenty times before fervently digging around the internet for every piece of them I could find.

Charly by Rog Walker

“I refused to get a job. I refused, because for me it was like guaranteeing some of my time per week for someone else to just do whatever they wanted to do with it, and pay me what they thought I was worth.” – Charly

Charly & Margaux released their first EP, BROKE & BAROQUE (which I obviously love) in 2014, including original arrangements mixed in with soundbytes from an apparent interview with Chargaux.

Each clip gives a glimpse into Chargaux’s dedication to their art. They spent thousands of hours as buskers in downtown Boston, playing the clock to maximize their hustle. These gals truly know what it is to live that Broke & Beautiful Life, and they’re showing the rest of us how to do it love and positivity.

The musical tracks bounce between lo-fi and fantasy dream pop. Their most listened to song on Soundcloud is the string-free “I’m So Pretty,” which is one of Chargaux’s few vocal tracks. My favorites are “Bat Papi” and “Lullaby,” each leave me with a totally optimistic, present and lustful mood.

You’ll catch hints of American bluegrass, chamber music, Afro beat, pop music and countless other influences sewn throughout their songs. Another benefit of being open to any music that moves you.

Margaux by Rog Walker

“The other thing about working for someone else, it’s like… I need to make my own dream, my own machine work.” – Margaux

Portraits by Rog Walker

They’ve had gentle appearances in the land of commercial music with a wildly applauded performance at SXSW in 2013 and a spot arranging strings for a track on Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy-nominated album, Good Kid m.a.a.d. City, called “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe,” and a growing number of pop covers that rival the impact of the originals.

My other favorite part of Chargaux’s presence in my life is their accessibility. Obviously, these gals have a lot going on and their minds are constantly churning with the sound of music… Yet you’ll find them responding to messages publicly on their Tumblr and sharing their projects like this one inspired by street art and fashion designer, Thom Browne.

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Stay up to date on the works of Charly & Margaux by following them on social media! I highly recommend Facebook, Tumblr , Twitter, and Soundcloud, as they are all regularly updated.

Probably watching Netflix.