Want: Open Collar Necklaces

There is a style of necklace that never ceases to catch my eye and occasionally make me do something stereotypical and slapstick, like run into something or loudly shout, “OH MY GOD THAT IS THE #!%@ING COOLEST NECKLACE.” like a rabidly starstruck 13 year old.

Luxury Fashion Star Open Necklace at FarFetch

The open collar necklace. The necklace that might be on backwards… but isn’t.

I’m way into low-maintenance jewelry that requires minimal effort, and this takes all the effort of a snap bracelet to put on. After that, it gets busy looking cool with everything. I can see that little star necklace on a t-shirt with jeans just as quick as I can see it on a LBD with heels.

ASOS Turquoise Open Collar Necklace

This one from ASOS gives me a distinct bolo vibe, which I think could look really cool in the right application! Especially gives today’s post-AHS-Coven society – we are forever changed and way more into long black dresses.

Baublebar Olympus Open Collar Necklace
Baublebar Olympus Layered Open Collar Necklace

Of course, we had to find something that would make one feel like a modern day Cleopatra. This Baublebar necklace is dripping with gold, and if you’ve got great cleavage (or no cleavage, which also looks great with this long shimmery style), this is a must. For me. Do it for me. 

ASOS Leaf Open Collar Necklace
ASOS Leaf Open Collar Necklace

This last necklace tops the charts, for me. I’m a huge sucker for leaf motifs in just about any type of jewelry, and the way this open collar necklace works with the natural form of branches just melts my crunchy, Pacific Northwestern heart. (It also happens to be the least expensive of the bunch – hallelujah.)

So keep an eye out for these little treasures and if you find them somewhere at a great price — let me know! I could seriously see myself starting a collection of open collar necklaces… and I can also see it becoming a problem.

Probably watching Netflix.