Would You Wear: Platform Sneakers?

Here is an emerging trend that I’m actually somewhat apprehensive about: platform sneakers.

Not to be confused with wedge sneakers, platform sneakers conjure images of a pastel-coated Baby Spice a la mid-90s. Also, if you were paying attention for a year or so during the early 2000s, you’ll remember those thick-soled, white sneakers that absolutely everyone in your school had. Oh, and of course, this platform sneaker moment from Macauley Culkin (potentially NSFW).

Spice Girls

Personally, in the 90s I couldn’t stand the platform sneakers that were too cute. I love the Spice Girls, but I don’t want to look like a Spice Girl. Pop stars seem to be the target demographic for this style, but I have a feeling it’ll find its way to the street soon.

Like nearly all other recurring trends, this one is accompanied by a modern twist. And also like most trends, this one has its roots in Japan.

Stateside, the same sneaker giants that have provided iconic sneakers for decades are taking on the platform sneaker idea and applying it in their own ways. High fashion has taken it and duplicated things that already exist, like platform creepers and tall retro sneakers, while some of the mid-range designers have put some more creative spins on the idea.

Converse Limited Edition Hanami Platform Sneakers
These Limited Edition Hanami Platform High Tops from Forzieri went super-luxurious, costing $297.

Converse has incorporated the platform design into their classic Chuck Taylors, Vans have pumped up their classic skate shoes which actually kind of compliment their fabric choices. Of course, this wouldn’t be a trend with shock value if Jeffrey Campbell wasn’t somehow involved, right?

Other favorite brands for platform sneakers include Buffalo, whose shoes comprise about one third of Tumblr photos, I swear. This is the brand that separates the lions from the cubs. Buffalo is an Austrian brand that makes platform sneakers a full foot tall, and to the tune of over $600.

I much prefer digging through the sale section, thank you very much. I can find perfectly good selections that I can almost even see myself wearing for under $50. And me in foot tall platforms sounds like the most hideous, catastrophic event I could imagine for myself. Just no.

Platform sneakers by Y.R.U. at Envi, on sale for only $36.51.
Platform sneakers by Y.R.U. at Envi, on sale for only $36.51.

But even though I can find options that don’t completely terrify me… I’m not sure I even know where to start when it comes to making these practical for daily – or even occasional use.

Platform Sneakers

Needless to say, I’m intrigued.

The fact that they’re flat is appealing, the height is appealing, and my love for chunky wedge-like heels is well-documented. Could these be my new closet staple?

Would you wear platform sneakers?