Where to Find Clog Sandals (Swedish Hasbeens & Flogg) On Sale

Ever since I saw Swedish Hasbeens for the very first time, I have been attracted to heeled clogs and clog-style sandals. This has confused the living hell out of me as there’s literally nothing appealing to me about clogs or clog-style shoes… But there’s something about the sturdy construction and old-fashioned wearability that makes them really appealing. Plus, I’m not sure I’ve seen a more comfortable-looking high heel!

Flogg only recently made an appearance in my life, once I realized that I may never find a pair of affordable Swedish Hasbeens and searched for a different brand of clog sandals. All this did was show me even more shoes that I wanted but couldn’t afford… by Flogg – also Swedish, also awesome.

Instead of weeping about it, which is what my gut told me to do, I decided to make a keen effort to track down Flogg and Swedish Hasbeens on sale and my god… it’s been rewarding.

Swedish Hasbeens Pepe Toe Sandals
Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe High Heel

At 6pm.com, you’ll find a regular inventory of Swedish Hasbeens – everything from sandals to adorable ankle boots, discounted up to 70%. Definitely worth bookmarking.

I originally fell for the black and wood pair above, but since I’ve been exploring, I’ve fallen for a good number of pairs, including these basic black ankle boots that are not really that basic.

Flogg Yellow Florence Platform Sandal
Flogg Florence Platform Sandal

I found these beautiful yellow Flogg sandals on MyHabit – Amazon’s flash sale site – for only $15. Originally, each pair was well over $100, so this is an unbelievable steal! The bummer about flash sales is definitely the fact that they end, so get there before __ to grab tons of Floggs for only $15!

6pm has an okay selection of Floggs, but none of them are $15! Once that flash sale is gone (and we all give in and do our crying) that 6pm spot is going to be one of your best bets for finding a good deal on a consistent basis.

The reason I love this style goes beyond comfort, and as I said before, has very little to do with the fact that they are clog-like at all. The magic is that I can see this style of shoe fitting with literally everything I own – skinny jeans, midi skirts, skater dresses, cuffed jeans… Everything!

Plus, clog style sandals add a little retro feel to everything thanks to the simple design that’e been around for decades. The other nice thing about Swedish brands – you can trust the design & construction. They price these shoes due to the quality of materials and assembly. These are going to be in your closet for a decade, and I’m trying to only buy shoes that I’ll be just as excited to wear in 2020 as in 2015.

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Have you owned a pair of Floggs or Swedish Hasbeens?

  • Jolene

    I bought some flogs on Myhabit after reading the article and unfortunately had to send them back. I got a size 10 – I’m normally a 9.5 – and couldn’t even get my foot all the way in them because the straps across the top of the foot were so close to the sole. It’s a cool idea though to put flip flop soles inside a clog. But clogs need to be a little roomy for your foot to move around. This pancake foot design seemed insane to me.