Review: Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield +SPF 30

Growing up is a weird game when it comes to beauty. My mom has encouraged me to moisturize with skin-protecting ingredients since I was about 13, but of course – like most advice I received in my teenage years – I chose not to heed it because, like, whatever.

Am I kicking myself for it now? Well, I wouldn’t say kicking, but maybe I’m giving myself a look.

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You’re welcome, Johnny Depp fans.

That being said, I’m more open to trying new, innovative skincare products than ever before.

Recently, sent over a new(-ish) product from Murad called Invisiblur Perfecting Sheild Broad Spectrum SPF/PA+++. I’m familiar with Murad, my mom is a big fan, so I have been eager to review something of theirs for a while.

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30

I’ve never used, or even seen a skincare product like this before. Its vague yet somehow impressive name leaves it kind of open to interpretation, as all you can really gather from it is the fact that it has a sunblock in it. “Blur,” “perfecting,” “shield” – those are all things that I could be interested in when it comes to my skin… and after using it for 6 weeks, I can say that this stuff is worth trying at least once.

The stated purposes of Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield are plentiful:

  • Provide SPF 30 coverage over face and neck
  • Deliver antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory, hydrating & anti-aging ingredients to skin (replacing “treatments”)
  • Act as a face primer for your makeup, should you choose to wear it
  • The gel-like formula mattes skin and allegedly blurs out imperfections

The texture of this gel is both creamy, powdery, and rich. I don’t know how, it just is. It’s clear with a slight cloudiness and glides over my skin like a moisturizer. One pump easily covers your entire face and maybe even part of your neck. (The photographs of the product in this post were taken after my 6 weeks of use, and I’m close to halfway through it – but not quite.)

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield--3

I definitely experienced some kind of… blur? It seemed to make my redness and spots a little bit softer without delivering any color. Spots still showed through, which I expected, which lead me most often to use Invisiblur as a face primer – a job that it is definitely will suited for. My foundation and concealer never slid around, and the Invisiblur formula finishes with such a powder dry texture that it made other products easy to apply.

As far as reducing lines and whatnot, in combination with my other routine products like Mad Hippie’s Vitamin A Serum, it’s hard to say. I definitely haven’t seen my fine lines and wrinkles get worse after using this? Anti-aging claims are so hard to justify outside of the user’s perception, so it’s kind of a “whatever” for me.

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My favorite effect of Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield was how unbelievably soft it made my skin.

Every single person that came into my house after I received it was forced to put some on their face – friends from out of town, a friend who dropped by to borrow something, my boyfriend, his 20 year old cousin – also male. Each and every person was blown away by the texture of their skin after applying it to their face, or even just the back of their hand.

There is something very luxurious about applying a gel to your face that both makes it look and feel better, instantly.

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield-

As far as packaging – it’s fine. I actually really like the bottle because, while it’s definitely an unconventional shape with its round disc top, it has a twist lock that actually works. Confirmed by me, someone who has traveled with it! It locks into place so the pump can’t be pressed, and you won’t get it all over your stuff.

So, in short, Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield is definitely worth getting and trying.

That conclusion was not easy to come to, actually, because… this product is kind of expensive. It’s $65 for one. single. ounce.

It hurts me to think about, but after careful consideration and calculation of use, I’ve used less than half of the product over six weeks of very regular use (and obvious sharing). Is it worth it to look up every possible coupon code when ordering it? Absolutely. But I maintain that it’s worth trying at least once.

I’m wearing Murad Invisiblur in this Ankit headphones review,

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