10 Things Under $10 at Boohoo

Boohoo has a special place in my heart because, upon their arrival to America, they invited me to their gorgeous and electrifying soiree where we danced all night and I took a thousand pictures of everyone’s shoes. Also, the fact that they have literally hundreds of items that are within a broke college student budget warms the cockles of my 30 year old heart.

Okay, just a little bit more gushing about Boohoo before I give up the goods: one of the things I really picked up about the Boohoo brand at the event I attended was that their clothes easily pass as higher end and their mix’n’match potential is through the roof – especially when there are a billion things under $10. You could potentially get an entire outfit for like $30! The internet is a beautiful thing.

Here are 10 wonderful things from Boohoo that are under $10!

Boohoo Metallic Bralette Top

Boohoo Nights Patrice Metallic Bralette, $9

Boohoo Quilted Origami Skorts

Boohoo Quilted Shimmer Skort, $9

Boohoo Black Star Sweater Top

Boohoo Star Print Sweater, $9

Boohoo Boutique Suedette and Silver Bib Necklace

Boohoo Boutique Suedette & Silver, $22 $9 

Boohoo Aimee Cap Sleeve Midi Dress

Boohoo Cap Sleeve Midi Dress, $9

Boohoo Elephant Pajama Set

Boohoo Elephant Tank & Shorts Pajama Set, $18 $9

Boohoo Floral Playsuit Romper

Boohoo Alice Floral Print Playsuit, $18 $9

Boohoo Rose Gold Feather Cuff

Boohoo Rose Gold Feather Cuff, $7

Boohoo Gold Leaf Pendant Necklace

Boohoo Kiera Leaf Skinny Necklace, $7

Boohoo Harriet Color Toe Socks

Boohoo Harriet Contrast Toe Sock 3-Pack, $5

BONUS SALE COUPON CODE: Right now, Boohoo is on their last day of a multi-day sale wherein you can take an extra 30% off with the code PLUS30. There is a countdown timer

For those of us who suck at quick math, that means everything that is currently $9 would be $6.30.

GO. GO. The clock is literally ticking!


Probably watching Netflix.