20% Off KathleenLights Favorite Colourpop Beauty Products

Are you a KathleenLights subscriber? KathleenLights aka Kathleen Fuentes an incredibly popular YouTube “beauty guru” that is pretty much impossible to hate. Based in Florida, she is a smart, witty, and incredibly charismatic YouTuber who is self-taught in makeup but holds her own against other makeup artists. I love her for her dedication to affordable makeup. Kathleen just uploaded a video covering her all-time favorite Colourpop makeup items and Colourpop has taken 20% off each one!  

Kathleen’s Colourpop collaborations are some of the most popular products on the site. A few of them made it onto her favorites list, but the majority of her recommendations are from Colourpop’s permanent collection.

KathleenLights Colourpop Faves Sale

In the video, Kathleen explains in detail why she chose each and every product on the list, and swatches a good number of them, too. While there are lots of great reasons to love Colourpop, nothing really beats the combination of color options and price. Nothing is over $8 unless it contains more than one product – that’s awesome! I own quite a few Colourpop products and can vouch for their legitimacy as adult makeup.

colourpop where the light is eyeshadow bundle

Where The Light Is (Eyeshadow Bundle), $18 $14.40

One noteworthy addition to her selections is the KathleenLights collab called Where The Light Is. It includes four shadows in shades that I consider to be crucial to a well-rounded eyeshadow collection. Where The Light Is comes with a matte caramel, a matte vanilla white, a super-glittery bronze, and a bright, pearly copper. These are flattering to just about every eye color and the texture of Colourpop’s glittery formula is divine. Truly best applied with your fingers, but the payoff is beautiful.

Of course, it includes evidence of Kathleen’s intense Friends obsession via Central Perk eyeshadow and Mr. Bing gel eyeliner.

There are tons of lipsticks on the list. Lippie Stix and Ultra Satin Lips and lip liners and Ultra Matte Lips… Tons. They are priced from $4 to $4.80. Yuuuuuum! I am eyeing Chateau and Taurus, myself. Oh, and Mama of course because I am weak against burnt orange lipsticks. Also I love my mom, so me buying that is mostly just me complimenting her and not really just me indulging, which I understand is how it might look. So. Yeah. #DoItForMom.

Anyway, this sale runs through Thursday, December 22 (aka tomorrow!!!!) so if there’s something in there that you like, grab it while it’s 20% off!