13 Florals That Don’t Look Like Anyone’s Couch

Every year, florals prints and patterns get a little bit more interesting in order to maintain our interest for yet another year in their centuries-long reign over fabrics. It’s a universal rule that, after a certain number of years go by, even the freshest florals will start looking like someone’s grandmother’s couch.

But thankfully due the fashion industry love of money, these new floral designs and updated patterns emerge with a shiny, new gloss to them. I’m definitely a moth to a flame for an interesting floral pattern. Here are my favorite floral interpretations of 2016.

Inky Florals

Inky Florals” sounds like a British television show about a two gardeners that hate each other and are trying to become novelists, but it’s the best way I can think of to describe bright, vivid flowers laid over deep, dark, almost messy-looking backgrounds.

ASTR Lizzie Floral Tank

ASTR Lizzie Tank, $68

I lived in this style of tank top last summer, usually layered over a basic ribbed tank. This will also work really nicely with a racerback bra, though, if you loathe the idea of summer layering. I really like the bright blue and muted orange on top of the dark grey, that’s a combination I’m not sure I’ve seen before! I’m in love.

ASOS Tall Kimono Sleeve Floral Jumpsuit

ASOS Tall Kimono Sleeve Floral Jumpsuit, $86 $34

Every day I get closer to transitioning my entire wardrobe to jumpsuits and onesies. Not only are they insanely comfortable, when they look like this, they are truly one of the most glamorous garments you could put on your body. Loose in all the right places, fitted in the flattering spots… what more could you ask for?

Lucca Couture Navy Floral Jumper and Separates

Lucca Couture Floral Skirt (left bottom), $64 $32, and Lucca Couture Keyhole Romper (right), $72 $36

Clearly Lucca Couture knew they were on to something with this deep navy blue background with muted spring toned flowers. That romper is one of the most glamorous things I’ve seen lately, and I can’t take my eyes off of it!

ASOS Paper Dolls Floral Blazer

ASOS Paper Dolls Floral Bouquet Blazer, $86 $43

Hello, blazer! How long has it been since you got a blazer that you didn’t have to sacrifice some of your personal style for? Finally, here’s a jacket that will do the talking for you, and for some reason, it’s half off right now.

Chetta B Long Sleeved Floral Dress

Chetta B Long Sleeved Belted Floral Dress, $138 $74.25

This dress won me over with the floral, but what has me in near tears over now owning it already is the structure. All of those pleats and folds in that excellent neckline, then the belt which makes everything go from awesome to fucking amazing… I just can’t express how much I love this dress!

Antique Floral Patterns

Nothing rings my bell quite like a seriously vintage color palette of dusty, softened tones reminiscent of sun-faded fabrics and prints. The art deco era had quite a few that I would consider to be some of the most beautiful out of all florals. Each era favored different flowers, too, so it’s really fun to see the different influences and whether or not modern interpretations collect different details of the historic florals.

Leith High Rise Crop Floral Pants

Leith High Rise Floral Crop Pants, $58

High-waist pants look good on virtually everyone and make you feel like Norma Jean Baker every time you wear them. Especially when you wear amazing platforms like the ones on the model. These pants beg for heels, but could also swing in the direction of clamdiggers if your aesthetic is a bougie New Hampshire person, in which case you should probably pick up a white pair of Keds sneakers and a few polo shirts! (I’m only half kidding because these would totally work for that whole look, if that’s what you’re into.)

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Missguided Floral Print Plunge Dress

MISSGUIDED Floral Plunge Neck Front Slit Dress, $72

Jaw. Floor. Thiss dress from Missguided is beyond gorgeous. The shape and the front slit and unbelievably sexy and the back straps are simple and stunning. Of course, the floral is clearly the best part. Part hand-drawn, part photo-realistic, and there’s just a light tint of color keeping it just a step above monochromatic.

Simply Be Junarose Floral Dress

Simply Be Junarose Floral Dress, $79.99 $39.49

I believe that this cool, geometric hemline has a name and I believe that name is an “origami hem?” I make that assumption based off of the origami shorts that completely owned the fashion world last summer. This dress has a huge and highly accommodating size range, and has a great shape that looks good on tons of body types. I really love the light grey-blue background, it’s such an unusual color!

Kut from the Kloth Jasmine Floral Roll Sleeve Shirt

Kut from the Kloth Jasmine Roll Sleeve Floral Shirt, $68

This vintage section wouldn’t be complete without a solid, ironically sheer, button-down shirt. The fibers in this fabric are kind of visible which makes it look high quality and old. This is, of course, aided by the gorgeous floral print and the lovely button placket details. A good, roll-sleeve shirt is a staple in my wardrobe and this floral number is idea for the coming summer months because I fully plan to dress like an extra from The Help and need to tuck this in to a high waisted skirt.

Floral Prints on Casual Clothes

Superdry Floral Hoodie

Superdry Ditsy Floral Print Hoodie, $69.50

Yes, yes, yes! I need more cutesy hoodies in my life. The word over the left breast is “Superdry” which, well, you can take it or leave it. I, personally, don’t mind it at all because I’m a creep. Also, did you see the hood pull-strings on this thing? I like my hoodie pulls like I like my men: thick, soft, and surrounded by flowers.

Minkpink Under Your Spell Floral Robe

Minkpink Under Your Spell Floral Robe, $69

Now, some might argue that a woman’s robe is hardly undeserving of florals, but after years of the same dark green and white terrycloth bathrobes, they’ve become little more than a utility to me. Minkpink couldn’t have designed a robe with more addictive qualities. That orange combined with the barely tinted green flowers with deep black outlines is a total delight for my eyes. This belongs in California during the 1970s!

The Limited Floral Print Sweater

The Limited Floral Print Sweater, $59.95

My life has too few crew neck sweaters in it, and this one has a shirttail hem, which I absolutely love, and helps the “cover your ass” rule that accompanies wearing leggings as pants. There’s that deep orange again! I’m starting to notice that any patterns combining deep orange and faded jewel tones wins my affections almost instantly.

Adidas Originals Floral Print Leggings and Tank

ADIDAS Originals Floral Print Leggings, $45, & ADIDAS Originals Floral Print Tank, $45

If you can’t run through a field of wildflowers, I guess this is the next best thing, right? I think this set is fantastic. As far as workout gear goes, I can’t think of a more gorgeous or feminine set of clothes to kick ass in. Honestly, the leggings alone would be a welcome addition to my non-gym wardrobe.

Are there any florals that you love? Do you hate a specific type of flower enough to never wear it?