Dedicated: 5 Stunning Shopping Tips Taken Straight From A Gambler’s Playbook!

Did you know there are professional gamblers? Meaning people spin the wheel of fortune as their primary job! Needless to say these folks know how to make a small fortune online. Neat fact but do we really need to know about it here on Broke And Beautiful?

Ok, originally I had the same though on the matter but then I found out these pro gamblers have a playbook of sorts and some of its rules can really change the way you look on online shopping. Cool!

A Gambler’s Playbook: Basic Concepts

Feel free to check any betting portal like, say and you’ll be surprised with the level of dedication some top players put in. These guys simply know how things work around here and they are following simple rules:

  • You are not playing – you are investing. Determine the precise sum you are willing to lose and set it up as your limit. This way even a rough game won’t leave you broke.
  • Slots are machines – they don’t have emotions, the odds are equal on every spin despite whatever your inner voice suggests.
  • Some games are simply better than others – check for the odds before you invest.
  • There’s no point in winning unless you are certain money will be extracted flawlessly. That’s why you can only gamble on proven, authentic casino sites.

A Shopper’s Playbook: Basic Concepts?

What, you don’t see the similarities? It’s ok, I did not see them either at the beginning but then it hit me. Every girl loves shopping and may be as addicted to the process as some hardcore players are to poker. We love the thrill, the excitement and the whooping delivery. Isn’t it rational then to play by the same rules?

  • You are not shopping – you are investing. That dress might look jolly fine with those boots but can you afford both? Or maybe it’ll be better to wait a couple of days for that paycheck? Do note that investments need to pay off as well. We are talking about stunning looks and emotional satisfaction in this context. So, will you enjoy wearing that dress or will it become yet another haunting habitant of your wardrobe?
  • Shopping sites are machines. Mechanics are similar – look, inspect, add to cart. The only things that are different are on-page ads.
  • Some shops are simply better than others. If you have found the model of that Perfect Dress that will work out amazing on Pete’s birthday party and he will so notice you this time – google it. The odds are you will find a better deal for it somewhere on the internet.
  • Security of an online store is pivotal. Never leave your credentials to a fishy merchant. Looks for reviews ad social media mentions of the store before trusting it with your credit card.