$6 Metallic Liquid Lipstick: Hard Candy Metallic Mousse

Hard Candy is one of the brands I distinctly remember from my childhood because I coveted their beauty products constantly. And, yes, it totally had something (if not everything, at age 12) to do with the packaging. Remember the Hard Candy of the 1990s, old millennials? I can’t see one thing that my inner 9 year old doesn’t like about that. Now, over 20 since Hard Candy started, they have a full line of cosmetics – yes, makeup for adults! – and it’s carried exclusively by Walmart. Recently, they released a line of liquid lipsticks called Hard Candy Metallic Mousse.

Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Liquid Lipstick Review

Metallic lipsticks are becoming as common as matte nail polish these days, thanks to the boldness of babes around the world. Ever since I first wrote about where to find affordable metallic lipstick, I’ve been clamoring to try some for myself. I’ve picked up a few samples here and there from various indie brands, and I am so close to picking up some of the popular budget-friendly shades, but the reviews on drugstore metallic liquid lipsticks are so varied.

There seem to be very few metallic matte liquid lipsticks that actually have the qualities of a matte liquid lipstick. The formula of Hard Candy Metallic Mousse is soft, and not too thick. It’s a true matte metallic formula, finishing with a dulled shine. There are seven shades to choose from and each one is $6. And guess what – the packaging is still amazing.


The three shades that I was sent (via PR) were:

Smoke & Mirrors: metallic steel grey lavender

Penny Talk: metallic orange copper

Queen of Hearts: metallic deep berry red

The other four shades that I didn’t receive are:

Sandstorm: metallic greige (grey + beige)

Truffle: metallic plum pink

Gilded Cocoa: metallic deep chocolate cherry

Sweet as Honey: metallic bright sunny gold

While I’m surprised that there was only one red shade in this line, it also doesn’t bother me at all. That being said, I wish the red was more metallic. Each color that I received was definitely metallic, and it looks like it has a sheen when it’s on lips, too, but I crave a burlesque-worthy level of reflection from red metallic liquid lipsticks. If we’re being real, what I want is probably only achievable with the use of glitter. And the copious use of glitter, at that. Queen of Hearts does a good job of being a pink-leaning red with some sparkly bits, though, and that’s just fine.

The Smoke & Mirrors color was the one I was most excited to try. It’s not quite purple, it’s more grey, but it has a stunning lavender tint that sets it apart. It looks way darker on my lips than it does in the tube, but that can be said for just about every single liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. It would be beautiful for dramatic looks. In the absence of light, Smoke & Mirrors looks really dark, but in a vampy way, not in a Hot Topic goth way.

Penny Talk is kind of really doing it for me, in terms of color. I’ve been on a burnt orange kick for the better part of a year now, and this is a warm, rich, orange-y copper.


The formula of Hard Candy Metallic Mousse is most similar to NYX Liquid Suede. It even has an extremely similar, elongated applicator. Metallic Mousse is not drying, whatsoever, and the lipstick never fully dries on your lips but it does set. It isn’t particularly sticky, but there is a slight tackiness when you press your lips together. The feeling of the formula isn’t at all unusual for liquid lipsticks.

While it ultimately looks alright, you can see in some areas where I poorly applied the lipstick in the swatches that there are tiny, granular bits in the lipstick. I’m not sure if this is a metallic binder of some kind, or what, but it’s unusual. It only shows up around the outside of my mouth where I have to have a lighter hand. Otherwise, it isn’t obvious in appearance and I don’t feel it when pressing my lips together. It’s just kind of unusual.

The shades apply just fine, though I did detect some slight streakiness in the Queen of Hearts color. The color Smoke & Mirrors is beautiful, but needs two layers. Penny Talk is magnificent after only one application and, aside from the graininess, I have nothing bad to say about it.

As for longevity, they’re certainly not long-wearing in comparison to other liquid lipsticks. While most of my applications were eventually destroyed by my inability to stop eating for more than 15 minutes at a time, they faded pretty evenly. Honestly, I kind of liked the faint copper tint that was left over when Penny Talk wore off after a 2-3 hours.

Packaging, Price & Value

At only $6 per lipstick, these are really affordable liquid lipsticks, especially given that they’re in extremely trendy and of-the-moment colors.

Obviously, as you can tell from my earlier gushing and picspam, I think the packaging is awesome. There are two components involved, and each are very unique to the liquid lipstick market. The tin is reusable and has an excellent mirror in the inside lid, though it does say “Hard Candy Metallic Mousse” on the top.

The tube, itself, is gorgeous. It’s the exact same tube as Hard Candy Velvet Mousse, their standard liquid lipstick. I hope you could see the shape in the photos, as the tube is kind of a flattened circle, which prevents it from rolling around on the counter top. The tube is either face up, or face down – no in-between. I like how easy it is to remove the lid, and I like the slimmer profile for keeping in a purse, clutch or pocket.

Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Swatches

Smoke & Mirrors

Penny Talk

Queen of Hearts

Would I recommend Hard Candy Metallic Mousse?

For a makeup fanatic, no.
For a lipstick junkie/hoarder, yes.
For someone looking to try metallic lips for the first time, yes.
For a someone seeking the perfect metallic liquid lipstick, no – unless you can’t control your curiosity.

These are not bad lipsticks, by any means. The colors are vibrant, unique, and the formula is very, very comfortable. I think that these liquid lipsticks would make great stocking stuffers, especially at only $6 a piece. As far as daily wear – if you’re a “metallic lipstick every day” type of person, power to you.

Also, if you are the type who hates liquid lipsticks because they make your lips feel like dried mango slices loosely glued to your face, you’ll love the formula of these. It’s pretty much the consistency of a creme lipstick, applied with a wand.

These are a fairly good lipstick, and a tame way to wear the metallic lipstick trend on a more daily basis, if that’s your style. The metallic reflect on these is so tempered that it makes metallic lipstick seem like a comfortable, wearable trend – which it is!

Head to Walmart to check out Hard Candy Metallic Mousse, or shop Walmart online!

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