Coupon Code: 60% Off Cozy Winter Staples from DAWGS | #ad

DAWGS is an affordable casual brand that is currently loaded to the brim with winter-friendly shoes and clothes. This week, I’m working with them to get the word out about the incredible sale they’re having for Black Friday – and I have the 60% off coupon code!

My goal of living in pajamas is a day-to-day thing(obviously). But when it gets truly wintry and chilly around this time of year, I just want to live in thick, stretchy, warm everything. Billowy fabrics just aren’t as cozy to me as stretchy, fitted ones. And don’t even get me started on my shoes. If they’re not boots, I don’t even care. At least not for the next three months, anyway.

DAWGS is one of those stores that has so many shoes that it would be overwhelming if they didn’t all look so darn cozy.

DAWGS 9 Inch Microfiber Boots

One of the styles that DAWGS is in no short supply of: boots. Microfiber boots, with shearling interiors – and they’re not just for show.



These are legitimate boots that will very truly keep your feet warm and comfy during any campfires, winter walks, or Netflix marathons that you might encounter over the winter. They have the big tall version of these boots, too, but I like the just-above-the-ankle 9″ microfiber versions. Otherwise I feel a little bit too much like a Game of Thrones character.

The 9″ Microfiber 3-Butotn Shearling-Lined Boots are $79.99 regularly and with the DAWGS coupon code, they’re only $32.

They might not be the most wintry, but I wouldn’t be able to leave this post with a clear conscience without mentioning the gorgeous DAWGS Kaymann wedges.

DAWGS Kaymann Red Croc Wedges

They come in a whole bunch of colors and patterns, but the red embosses faux crocodile really gets my motor running. I’ve had my eye on these ever since I first looked at the DAWGS website. They just look so comfortable and that red is kind of the perfect red. These are marked down from $99.99 to only $14.99 right now!

Okay, okay, enough of my stalling – here is that gigantic DAWGS coupon code I promised you:

Take 60% off of your DAWGS order with the code SB60

Hit up the DAWGS website to save 60% on your order. Happy shopping!

Probably watching Netflix.

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