6pm’s $20 or Less Sale is Today Only

The first time I knew that 6pm.com would be in my life forever, I was living in Chicago and was somehow more broke than I am now. As we all know, deal-finding is my therapist, so I spent as much time as I could exploring new shops and stores. I stumbled across 6pm way late, considering it’s the little sister of Zappos, and what I found there changed my life forever. The clearance section is where 6pm basically gives shoes away for free. That’s where I found one of my best shoe finds ever: a pair of brand new, cherry red Jeffrey Campbell platform wedges for $16.99. In. My. Size.

I used to have an outfit photo that featured them but I just spent 30 minutes searching, and I can’t find it. I’ll have to let it go, though, because the longer I search, the longer I keep you from 6pm’s incredible sale… The 10+10=$20 or Less Sale!

Weird name, amazing concept. Like the bizarre sale name states, everything in this sale is $20 or less. Free shipping happens when you buy two or more items, or when you hit $50 – whichever comes first. (I love that 2+ threshold! 6pm is the first company I’ve seen with a quantity-based free shipping program, and it definitely encourages me to fill my shopping cart.

Dresses from 6pm.com's $20 or Less Sale

L-R: BB Dakota Plus Yuma Dress, $106 $20; MINKPINK The Stella Dress, $88 $20; Sam Edelman Wide Leg Jumpsuit, $139 $20; Yumi Rose Print Dress, $125 $20; DKNYC Side Draped Romper, $119.50 $20; Whitney Eve Bitter Melon Dress, $159 $20

6pm has tons of shoes, of course, but much like Zappos, they have a frequently unnoticed clothing section. The brands they offer are no joke, either: French Conection, Tbags, DKNYC, Whitney Eve… These are just the brands I saw on the top half of the first page, too! Yes, the $20 or less page! This sale is no joke, which is probably why it’s only happening today.

6pm.com $20 or Less Sale - Shoes

L-R: MIA Brad Boots, $79 $20; Lumiani International Alandra Heels, $79 $20; Michael Antonio Laurill Heels, $55 $12; Luichiny Take Me Back Heels, $94.95 $20

There are actually $10 shoes in this sale. And yes they’re from brands that I’ve heard of before, and worn before. Zoë is scouring the sale for the perfect purse, because there are over 200 bags in the $20 or Less Sale

I highly recommend searching the sale by your specific shoe size and dress size. Many of these products are only available in 1-3 sizes, so there’s a lot of heartbreak if you shop unfiltered. You can’t see the size filter until you’re in a specific category like Clothing > Women > Dresses. For reference, I’m a size 14 and there are 74 pieces of clothing in the $20 or Less Sale. Plus size ladies, there’s tons of stuff in there for you, too!

The $20 or Less Sale is only happening TODAY, so get there now if you want a piece! 

  • stagershell

    This is an awesome site! I missed the promo but there are so many other good deals there – thanks!