70% Off Code for The Lemon Collection

Here’s a little bonus for B&B’s friends in the parts of the world that aren’t aflame with summer heat right now. The Lemon Collection is a site full of cozy knits leggings, socks, and comfy lounge gear. Now through July 23, 2016, they’re offering a coupon code that will take 70% off of everything on their website. 

Honestly, The Lemon Collection doesn’t have a ton of things that you would wear out of the house, but that doesn’t make it any less valuable. Their leggings are reason enough to check out their wares because I’ve never seen some of these styles before and, as a leggings connoisseur, that’s impressive to me.

Also impressive: each pair of leggings is priced at $20-$30, but with the discount code, each pair is only $6-$9.

The Tie-Back Malibu Stripe Leggings aren’t necessarily something I think I would wear all the time, but I wouldn’t kick ’em out of bed for eating crackers, you know what I mean? They have kind of a cozy pirate vibe and I dig it.

The leggings I fell head over heels for were the Ombre Scrunch Leggings (above right). The color and the scrunchy, extra length hit all of my leggings buttons. The color is called “basil” but I think it looks like sea water, especially with the ombre into cream.

You can see from each pair, though, that the weave on the leggings is a bit wider and more loose than your average pair of nylon or spandex leggings. This is all awesome, but people with curvier legs may notice that there is a bit more visible skin on the parts that are more stretched. Also, they are only available in two sizes: S/M and M/L.

It’s also important to note that The Lemon Collection has a small but satisfying inventory of cashmere. Most of their cashmere products are only about 5% cashmere, but that’s enough to notice it when you wear it! Their basic, long-sleeve cashmere sweater is normally $78, but with the code, each cashmere sweater only $23.40.

There are also cashmere tunics, shorts, and hoodies in the 5% cashmere fabric.

If you’re a fan of leg warmers, “wrist warmers,” scarves and everything else that is simultaneously warming and wearable, The Lemon Collection beckons you.

Here’s the code for 70% off:


I tried it out, it definitely works! I tweeted at The Lemon Collection to see if they have the ability to ship internationally, but haven’t heard back. Those of you in the southern hemisphere would probably appreciate some warmth right now! Check out the site and save some money!

Probably watching Netflix.