Goodbye, Paycheck: Vintage Nickelodeon Tees from Junk Food

There are way too many graphic t-shirts in my collection already, but we both know that’s not going to stop me from getting more. Especially now that Junk Food has released their Limited Edition Nickelodeon Collection.

Junk Food’s Nickelodeon collection is like a TV time capsule exploded into adult sizes. Shows from the 90s and early 2000s are combined with modern graphic t-shirt aesthetics and the result is a collection worthy of paying homage to our childhoods.

graphic t-shirts reptar rugrats nickelodeon 90s tv

Rugrats Tank ($44) and Reptar Tank ($40)

Nickelodeon x Junk Food Vintage 90s TV Collection

This post will probably only make sense to people who were born before 1995, but to the rest of you – definitely go look up these shows! I don’t know how our generation got away with some of these shows, it was truly a bizarre time for children’s programming. Ren & Stimpy rivals Spongebob Squarepants as the strangest show that has ever been on children’s cable television. Rugrats seemed more age-appropriate, but when you watch it as an adult, you see how many jokes were added that would have been way over a 9 year old’s head. Don’t even get me started on Rocko’s Modern Life.

graphic t-shirt television show vintage

Ren & Stimpy Graphic T-Shirt ($36)

Vintage Nickelodeon x Junk Food Graphic T-Shirts: Spongebob and Rugrats

Spongebob Nerd Raglan Tank ($40) & Rugrats BFFs Raglan Tank ($40)

Truth be told, Ren & Stimpy was my favorite of the 90s animated shows. Somewhere deep in the archives of my mom’s garage, we have a whole bunch of Ren & Stimpy episodes recorded onto VHS tapes. Yeah, VHS tapes! See what I mean about nostalgia? Well, the Nickelodeon Collection doesn’t stop at cartoons.

Vintage Nickelodeon x Junk Food Tees: All That and Are You Afraid of the Dark

The 90s are All That Tee ($42) & Are You Afraid of the Dark Raglan Tank ($40)

Vintage Nickelodeon x Junk Food Graphic Tees: Salute Your Shorts and Clarissa Explains It All

Salute Your Shorts Tee ($42) & Clarissa Explains It All Tank ($60)

Are You Afraid of the Dark? was my favorite part of SNICK – remember SNICK?! Saturday night Nickelodeon had some of the best regular shows. If I remember correctly, Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a mainstay while other shows rotated. All That was definitely a part of SNICK! Tell me the other shows if you remember them!

Here’s where my favorites really start to show up. Salute Your Shorts was definitely in my top 5 90s Nickelodeon shows, and Clarissa Explains It All is responsible for any maturity I had before age 20. That Salute Your Shorts tee is pretty lacklustre, though, especially compared to the men’s version:

Vintage Nickelodeon x Junk Food: Camp Anawana - Salute Your Shorts

Camp Anawana Tee ($34)

See? So much cooler. It’s not the only men’s shirt that’s cool, either. If you don’t have a problem with sleeves that are slightly longer and don’t bunch up in your armpits, order a size or two down in a men’s tee. Sometimes, I like men’s shirts even more because they don’t hug every curve of my body. Sometimes I just want to wear a shirt that doesn’t scream “I HAVE CURVES,” okay?!

Vintage Nickelodeon x Junk Food: Reptar Rugrats Rockos Modern Life

Rugrats Reptar Tee ($34) & Rocko’s Modern Life Tee ($34

Vintage Nickelodeon x Junk Food: Hey Arnold and Spongebob T-Shirts

Hey Arnold Tee ($36) & Spongebob Tee ($36)

The Reptar tees are definitely some of my favorites from this collection, but I also have a major soft spot for Hey Arnold!

I’m not entirely sure what the deal with the pricing is at Junk Food. I think that I might just not understand the whole “licensing” side of the fashion business. The men’s t-shirts are all $34-36 while the women’s range from $34 all the way up to $60. Granted, there are more styles available for women – like the tank, the raglan tank, and the t-shirt – but the prices are on the higher end of the spectrum.

That being said, who knows when you’ll be able to find shirts like these again. The collection is limited edition, so the license to print these special Nickelodeon logos will likely expire and not be seen again until someone else pays to use them. $40 to get a piece of my childhood back? I think that’s something I’m okay with.

Check out the full Nickelodeon x Junk Food Collection at! 

PS – Shipping is $5.95.

Which Nickelodeon television show was your favorite? 

Probably watching Netflix.