Bombsheller Has Me in Love with #LichenLegs

For the last two years, my go-to leggings for everything from swanky events and casual days to personal training and five mile hikes has been Bombsheller.

They’ve been a well-kept secret (with a few glimpses on Instagram), but I’m ready to show you the pair of Bombsheller leggings I’ve been hiking across the Pacific Northwest in: the appropriately named #LichenLegs.

Bombsheller Lichen Leggings - 27

Bombsheller Lichen Leggings - 32

These leggings are matte black and covered by a super-pigmented photograph of vibrant green, yellow, and sometimes lavender colored fungi called lichen.

Lichen are rootless, mineral-eating organisms similar that can come from algae, and they can come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. It comes in all forms in the Pacific Northwest, and I think it’s magical. It eats minerals and carbon dioxide – doesn’t even bother using and of that water crap! These leggings show just how beautiful and spectacular lichen is. Their biological beauty knows no bounds, and when a strip of lichen runs down each leg, front and back, over a black background – dare I say, lichen can be awfully flattering.

Bombsheller leggings are just… the best? I don’t know, I’m starting to feel like a broken record. Any time I wear my Bombsheller #DeerDamask leggings out of the house (as opposed to wearing them in-house for 24 hours or more – also frequent), I get questions and comments about them. Even in a somewhat subtle pattern like #DeerDamask, you can tell that Bombsheller leggings definitely aren’t like normal leggings.

So, for every comment, I get to gush momentarily about how Bombsheller is a Seattle brand (my beloved hometown) that is all about enabling people to do more, and offer leggings in sizes XS-4XL with some of the most vibrant, eye-catching, and creative designs I’ve ever seen.

Then, I get to go on about their sustainable model of custom and one-off, made-to-order designs that keep extra product out of landfills and dumpsters, and prevents excessive costs. Coincidentally, this also allows you the opportunity to take a large scale photo of your favorite pizza and immediately have it made into custom leggings within a week.

Now, I have to talk about how I’ve done everything from 100+ squats & burpees to climbing a small mountain in these durable, high-quality, fully opaque athletic leggings that are at no times see-through. (Athletes and gym rats, you know why this is important!) These are a known favorite for the weight-lifting crowd, and I’m insistent upon having them on for anything highly active!

That being said, I’ve also thrown on a pair of heels and a long sweater and gone out to dinner in a pair of Bombsheller leggings in the past, and I plan to do so on many occasions in the future.

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AND THEN, I get to talk about their avid support of independent designers who supply the majority of their incredible legging designs. Each pair of leggings has a sturdy waistband that also happens to feature the hashtag name of the leggings you’re lucky enough to be wearing, as well as information about the artist who designed them. On the website, you can see exactly how much each artist makes from each sale, and that makes me feel pretty damn good because the artist is the one who sets their profit – not the Bombsheller!

Bombsheller Lichen Leggings - 6

I don’t know what else I can say about this brand that will make them more worth supporting. The leggings are incredible, there are hundreds of designs to choose from (you can see my favorite Bombsheller designs here) and while they might be a slightly larger investment at $69+, I’m going to go ahead and put my Repeat Offender: Approval sticker on Bombsheller, aka they’re worth the money! And if you don’t think so, feel free to yell at me and leave flaming paper bags on my porch, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Check out my favorite Bombsheller designs, snag a pair of #LichenLegs for yourself, peek at the rest of their available designs, or better yet, design your own Bombsheller leggings for you and your friends! 

Use code BROKEBOMBSHELL to get a discount on your own pair of Bombsheller leggings!

These photos were taken on the Excelsior Trail on Mount Baker in Washington State. If you’re local and up for a steep hike, definitely check it out and be sure to stop at Wake & Bakery on your way up the mountain!

Nearly every week, my boyfriend and I do at least one Pacific Northwestern hike – if you’re into that, let me know! And/or, follow me on Snapchat (thelindsay) and Instagram (@broke_beautiful) to follow along from your pajamas at home. (No shame, only jealousy.)