(A)DD: 4 Free Zoya Nail Polish Colors

This daily deal is barely a deal at all, its more like a legitimate free-for-all. To cut to the chase, Zoya will give you four polishes if you’ll pay for shipping. Their shipping is listed at $15, and with each polish priced at $9-$10 each, spending $15 is definitely a steal for these swanky, salon quality, indie polishes.

Zoya Alegra and Zoya Casey

Zoya Casey & Zoya Alegra

If you’re not familiar with Zoya, they were pioneers of the Better Nail Polish movement after they released their 5-Free formula. You might be used to seeing “3-Free” formulas which are becoming more and more popular. You probably won’t see and 2-Free or 1-Free because there are three big ingredients in conventional polish that are pretty unanimously gross:

  • Formaldehyde resin isn’t actually straight-up formaldehyde, but it can cause allergic reactions
  • Toluene, in high levels of exposure, can affect eyes and respiratory systems.
  • And the ickiest of them all, Dibutyl Phthalate, which aggravates thyroid hormones and can affect development of the brain. Studies also showed that DBP disrupted male sexual systems in utero, and exposure has been linked to decreased intelligence in children.¹ Yikes! Get it away from me, please!

Zoya also removes camphor and formaldehyde, though formaldehyde is technically a gas so I am not sure how they could have removed it from their formula… Many sources say that formaldehyde has never been in nail polish, so if that’s true I guess removing it is pretty easy. Here’s some other interesting information about Formaldehyde in cosmetics!


Zoya 4 Free Polishes

There are over 300 shades to choose from in Zoya’s expansive nail polish library. Finishes range from glossy cremes to semi-matte satin and even a few matte velvets! Additionally, their PixieDust line has almost a micro caviar look to it… That description was weird so here’s a photo of what I’m talking about instead:

Zoya PixieDust in Vespa | Zoya PixieDust in London

Zoya frequently runs promotions like this – well, by frequently I mean “more than once every five years” I guess, because the last time they ran a free polish promotion, I was waist-deep in a green phase. I picked up 4 slightly varying shades of dark green and went on my merry way. This time around, they have way more finishes and colors to choose from – I won’t get caught being boring again!

Code: 4YOU

If you need to wait for payday – no problem. This promotion runs from January 6 – January 13, 2016 at 11:59pm.


¹ Persephone Magazine, The Science of “3-Free” Nail Polish