(A)DD: 5 Things Under $5 at Target

There’s no denying that shopping is a form of self-healing. The problem with that plan is that shopping is also a form of financial self-defeat. Yeah, stuff costs money! It’s really annoying!

That’s why, every once in a while when you need to go on some kind of spree, we dig out a little pocket of one store that, for whatever reason, are so unbelievably inexpensive that there’s virtually no guilt. If you bought everything in this post, your total would be just over $10.

So yeah. Go crazy… On these 5 products under $5, only. We need to all promise each other that, everyone say it together, we will not go into other departments. We will not look at full-prices maxi dresses right now – today we spree without fear.

5 under 5 at Target Bath Beauty

Left to right:

J.R. Watkins Pomegranate & Açai Bath & Body Oil, $7.29 $2.15
Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Soak, $12.99 $3.88
Solid Green 2-for-1 Gloves$3.50 $1.75
Burt’s Bees Lip Shine, $6.99 $2.08
Multi Strand Bracelet, $9.99 $2.98

A little note about one of these products: the Burt’s Bees Lip Shine actually comes in six different colors, all of which are on varying degrees of sale. Happy mini-spree!