(A)DD: Aeropostale Seriously Stretchy Ankle Jeggings

Sometimes, you wake up and immediately know it’s going to be the type of day that you are just going to have to trudge through. There’s no specific reason other than the fact that the alarm clock went off at all, and maybe because your cat still hasn’t figured out how to clean its own litter box but everything is extra hard.

The closest thing to hell you can imagine is trying to weasel your way into a fitted pencil skirt or a pair of fresh out of the dryer jeans (I’m actually cringing at the thought), which is why the universe gave us jeggings. Or more specifically, Aeropostale’s Seriously Stretchy Ankle Jeggings.

Aeropostale Seriously Stretchy Ankle Jeggings Green Aquatic

Colors, clockwise from top left: Aspen Green, Aquatic, Wild Blue, Vital Pink

Sink into a pair of these and I swear it will melt 1%-6% of your problems away. We may get as high as 10%-17% if you currently or recently had PMS. Add coffee in large doses but not directly to pants.

I found these in stock on eBay being sold from Aeropostale, themselves. The only difference from the stock in-store: they’re 72% off on eBay. Why? They’re $14 with free shipping! Who cares!?

…Um, me, actually! I cared enough to check and the details page looks basically identical to the product page on Aeropostale’s site where these same pants are marked down even lower than these ($12) but do not have free shipping (the eBay pants do!), so they total out to $19 all said & done! If my math is right… that’s way more expensive!

And hey – don’t be scared of eBay! The seller is legitimately Aeropostale and that’s really who you’re dealing with here, eBay is just the venue.

The sizes available range from 000-18 which is pretty impressive, though there are a few sizes that aren’t available in all colors. (Oh, crey boohoo, this deal is still awesome.)

Aeropostale Seriously Stretchy Jeggings, $49.50 $14

There are a total of five colors available.I left out the cream color because white pants give me anxiety, and also because four looked cuter than five. Not gonna lie.