(A)DD: BP. Triple Chevron Necklace

Everywhere I look, there’s a girl in leggings and a beanie wearing some kind of long, mysterious chevron necklace.

Jocelyn Chevron Necklace Winter OutfitJocelyn of The Fox and Fern

She’s super cute, she looks really warm and like she owns a lot of books, and she wears that damn necklace like she was born with it on. Look, here’s another, different specimen confirming the same phenomenon:

Booties Chevron Necklace Winter OutfitSigne of The Daily Savant

She’s cute and German, which is a total double-cute-whammy.

So despite the fact that winter is almost over in my home-isphere, I am starting to see these chevron necklaces pop up in some very warm-weather ways, like over sundresses and tank tops with short and skirts and… to be honest, it seems like nothing’s too formal or casual for a chevron necklace.

Or, in our case, a triple chevron necklace.

BP Triple Chevron Layering Necklace

All good things come in threes! Right? No, wait… No, sorry, that’s deaths. Deaths come in threes. Common mistake.

But so do chevrons sometimes! This little necklace is deceptively long – 20″ – and has three goldtone plated chevrons that can kind of wiggle and flow about as you wear it. It’s so damn simple! I need more simple, everyday jewelry in my life.

Especially when it’s marked down by half. Yes, pleeeeease! 

BP. Triple Chevron Layering Necklace, $16 $7.98 at Nordstrom

Probably watching Netflix.

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