(A)DD: Handblown Vintage Glass String Lights

Many adults have shed their need of decorating with string lights by the time they’re out of college, but I can’t seem to get over that feeling of warm, soft, occasionally sparkling light that they add to a room.

Restoration Hardware is usually way, way out of my budget, especially for my tiny home, but these Victorian-inspired, handblown glass lights not only called to me softly through the monitor of my Macbook, but they were marked down to $18.99.

Handblown Vintage Glass String Lights

Yes, pleeeeease. The total length of these string lights is 105″ which is roughly 8.5 feet. They’d be really good on top of a fireplace mantle, or hanging on the wall behind a love seat… Anywhere that could use a little bit of non-cheesy romance or some library-esque coziness, string lights will be there to support you.

Home Depot actually has a really cute DIY tutorial about how to create a cute lit outdoor dining table with some basic hardware store supplies and some branches.

string lights patio dining table

The Victorian lights (that’s what I’m calling them despite it’s complete inaccuracy) would bring some cooler dimension to this, maybe make it a little more gothy in all the right ways.

Vintage Handblown Glass String Lights, $39 $18.99 at Restoration Hardware

Probably watching Netflix.

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