The Legendary, Detangling Wet Brush!

Everyone I’ve ever spoken to about hair care – including an 85 year old lady in Walgreens who was wearing a shower cap – insists that you must never brush your hair when it’s wet! But now, at 30, I’ve learned that there’s at least one brush that defies that allegedly “universal” rule: the Wet Brush.

Wet Brush

If you have hair that gives you hard times when brushing is involved, or you love to brush products and stuff through your hair after a shower – you absolutely, 100% need a Wet BrushSomething about the flexibility of the Wet Brush’s bristles makes it easy to comb through wet hair without ripping a bunch of it out of your head!

I picked up my first Wet Brush last year when I spotted one at Marshall’s (the ultimate place to find these, as you can see by the ridiculous price) and when I took it home, it astounded me with its detangling abilities. My hair is coarse, curly, and control-defying but the Wet Brush gets through it, dry or wet, without any hassle and minimal hair fallout.

Marshalls Surprise-30

Check out the reviews on Amazon, these brushes have an Lululemon-esque following (without the cult leaders and scamming) and I can verify that the Wet Brush lives up to the hype.

My hair was so unbrushable as a kid that my brave, single father had to brush my extremely curly hair and resorted to bribing me out of crying with ice cream. I don’t blame, I applaud. (Don’t worry, everyone, I cry readily and freely and nearly daily. No stunted emotional growth here!)

There are all different types of Wet Brushes, but the most common type is the detangling brush. It’s the one I have, and it works wonderfully for leave-in conditioners, hair masks, and getting that wet, cold hair off of your back already!

Where to Buy the Wet Brush

The typical retail price of a Wet Brush can range between $10-$20, so no matter how to shake it, you’re going to find good deals online, but as you can see from my photo further up, stopping at Marshalls & TJ Maxx from time to time can really pay off!

Probably watching Netflix.

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