(A)DD: Patterned Jacquard Biker Jacket

There aren’t many biker jackets that you could easily wear to the office, but this is one of them. The jacket is entirely monochrome, but the patterns that are stacked on top of each other range from herringbone-type designs to blended, texture-adding fades.

H&M Jacquard Biker Jacket

I’ve always been a big fan of biker/motorcycle jackets being made in classy, sophisticated fabrics like tweed and jacquard.

This jacket from H&M is a perfect example, it can be worn in just about every situation and read as cool & clever.While it would be super appropriate at a winery, it would also fit in perfectly at a concert, if you ask me. It’s the difference between a high waisted pencil skirt and dark skinny jeans with a band t-shirt.

HM Jacquard Biker Jacket Set

…Or you can go the Clueless route and opt for the matching set, but actually you can’t because that skirt is sold out and gone. You’ll have to dismantle other jackets in order to make a matching skirt and please don’t do that, okay?

But back to the jacket: I dig that it’s slightly cropped, I feel that gives a way more flattering silhouette than a full-length biker jacket which can look ultra boxy and “older brother”-ish.

This is available in nearly all of its original sizes and is over half off at only $14.99. Pick it up online, not sure if the sale extends to in-store!

H&M Jacquard Patterned Biker Jacket, $34.99 $14.99