(A)DD: Polaroid Makes Sunglasses & They’re On Sale

Polaroid is slowly but surely finding ways to take over your face. They don’t just want your eyes looking through their insanely popular and eternally adored camera, they also want you to be looking through their delightfully vintage-inspired Polaroid sunglasses.

Polaroid Sunglasses on Sale

I’m showing you six of my favorite styles here, but there’s an uncanny sale at Nordstrom Rack that has over 20 styles of Polaroid sunglasses on sale for under $25. Usually, they’re $60-$75 a pair, so this deal is certifiably screamin’. You’ve been warned, though – it’s damn near impossible to pick a favorite.

Top row: Cat Eye Tortoiseshell “Acetate” Sunglasses, Peachy-Cream “Rubber” Sunglasses
Middle Row: Clear “Injected” Wayfarer Sunglasses, Two-Tone “Metal” Sunglasses

Bottom Row: Modern “Wayfarer” Sunglasses, Exaggerated Speckled “Core” Sunglasses

Each pair is touted as glare free and offers the highest level of UV protection possible which raises their value immensely. You gotta admit, Polaroid knows how to optimize the way people see things! The same light polarizing technology is used in these sunglasses is used to create their photography products. In fact, Polaroid has been making sunglasses for as long as they’ve made cameras – over 90 years!

Ironically, you can get a pair of Polaroid sunglasses for less than a package of actual Polaroid film! But honestly, the only reason Polaroid isn’t on my shit list is: The Impossible Project. I should be furious with Polaroid for discontinuing their film for their old instant cameras, but The Impossible Project has picked up where they left off and offers (still pretty expensive) film that you don’t have to obsessively hoard until the perfect photographic moment.

Now, they can provide dorks like me with the film I need to take pictures of my cat with a 40 year old camera. And now, I can put Polaroid sunglasses on my cat, as well. She will be thrilled.

See all of the Polaroid Sunglasses on sale at Nordstrom Rack