(A)DD: Rock & Republic Chiffon Tank

Is a tank top still a tank top if it’s technically a formal tank top? When does a tank top earn enough esteem to be called a “sleeveless top?” If it were up to me, this Rock & Republic gem would be called a “sleeveless top” but apparently the Kohl’s website doesn’t agree with me.

Just look at how fancy this chiffon top is!

Rock & Republic Beaded Chiffon Tank

The top is slightly sheer with a wide lattice of chiffon woven through beads on each strap. The straps don’t go straight back, either, they come together in the center of the back creating a really dramatic rear view.

Rock & Republic Beaded Chiffon Tank Back

So, so, so pretty. The shirttail hem is really flattering and actually adds kind of a hi-low feature to the hem, too! See how her butt is covered but her crotch is visible in the front? It’s very subtle but the casual features of this top are a welcome compliment to chiffon, beading, and no-bra-(or-strapless-bra)-wearing. Those wide straps are worth it, though!

I love the way the model is styled, as usual, because my unique take on fashion is nearly non-existent, I just love clothes a lot. I’d also love this tucked into a high-waist pencil skirt, or to take advantage of that shirttail hem, over a really trashed pair of short-shorts. Trashy-glamorous! That’s as close to an aesthetic as I might ever get.

The Rock & Republic line is one of my favorites at Kohl’s. I have a ton of stuff from the line, including a sweater I wear at least once per week, and have frequently hyped the oddly high quality of the garments, considering they’re technically a department store brand.

That being said, I frequently get surprised at the Rock & Republic x Kohl’s prices because they’re definitely way higher than the other lines like Candie’s and LC Lauren Conrad. That’s why this top being marked down to around 60% off makes me so happy!

(PS – it comes in blue, as well!)

Rock & Republic Chiffon Beaded Tank Sleeveless Top, $48 $19.20