(A)DD Under $5: A Rabble of 3D Wall Butterflies

Technically, the term for a group of butterflies is a “kaleidoscope” which is far from a boring term, but I couldn’t help but use the synonym “rabble” when naming this post. Let’s just say it resonates with me. You could also call a group of butterflies a “swarm” which couldn’t be more boring, given the subject matter, or alternately a “flutter” of butterflies is also acceptable. Prior to today, I was useless in terms of butterfly grouping terminology, but I think we can all leave this post today feeling a little bit more refined.

But back to this rabble.

These are 3D wall decals which are completely and totally new to me. In fact, upon seeing these for the first time I kind of just stared dumbly, trying like mad to figure out what the hell I was looking at. Once it clicked, the confusion turned to disbelief – why hadn’t I heard of these, and why aren’t these the most popular thing ever?!

Also, why are they marked down to $2.69 with free f-ing shipping?! (24 butterflies per set!)

The catch is that only the blue color (above) is available at that price, but if you were to fall in love with purple or super-elegant white butterflies, I don’t think it would be the end of the world because those are only $6.80 per set of 12.

White Butterfly Decals

Each set has three sizes of butterflies included, you can kind of see the different sizes in the photos. The smallest are only 2.5″ wide. People have used these to decorate gallery walls, make kids’ rooms into magical wonderlands, and even to adorn tables and decor at wedding ceremonies. All good ideas! There are probably tons of cool ways to use these, and probably 70% of them involve children somehow.

What can I say? Toys are fun.

3D Butterfly Stickers, $2.69