Want: Femme’d Out Bomber Jackets

It doesn’t take a fashion anthropology degree to figure out where bomber jackets aka flight jackets got their name. Traditionally, bomber jackets were made out of really hardy, durable material suitable for temperatures at high altitudes. Leather, sheepskin, one thousand layers of cotton… Because, y’know, planes and stuff.

Now you can find bomber jackets in everything from satin to burlap. Lately, I’ve been favoring lightweight bomber jackets, and I have a very soft spot for florals. In fact, my entire lust for whimsical printed bomber jackets all started with this one from Dorothy Perkins:

Dorothy Perkins Mix’n’Match Bomber Jacket, $35 (was $59)

Initially I liked this because it was on sale for $35and then I realized I liked it for a bunch of other reasons, too! Fall colors are my favorite colors, so this jacket pushed all my buttons as well as installed some new ones. Bomber jackets in girly prints and luxurious fabrics are all I can think about!

After some searching, it’s clear that Missguided and I share a wavelength on this matter. The sheer number of patterned and pretty bomber jackets they have available is delightful and staggering.

Missguided Bomber Jackets

L-R: Tropical Floral Print Bomber, $48; Floral Print Bomber Jacket, $62; Premium Embroidered Floral Bomber Jacket, $64; Mermaid Sequin Bomber Jacket, $64

These are priced just about where I’d imagine a frilly, fancy bomber jacket would be – between $40 and $70. If you ask me, $70 is a little bit high… Unless, of course, you’re talking about a metallic pink faux leather bomber jacket.

Boohoo Faux Leather Pink Metallic Bomber Jacket

Erin Metallic Leather Look Bomber Jacket, $70

…Like this one from Boohoo. Can you believe this exists? Of course you can, it’s Boohoo. If a specific style of garment has the potential to ever be trendy ever, ever in its life – Boohoo has it for sale, and it’s less than $100.

Boohoo is a total jackpot when it comes to femme’d out bomber jackets. Luckily, they have plenty of cute selection that are far below $70 – in fact, some are dangerously low-priced. In addition to Angelica Pickles’ letterman’s jacket, seen above, they had these beautifully feminine offerings:

Boohoo Bomber Jackets

L-R: Clara Plus Printed Bomber, $30; Faith Paisley Bomber Jacket, $30; Eloise Embroidered Bomber Jacket, $35; Tall Coralie Metallic Silver Bomber Jacket, $30

Those are prices I’m more comfortable with! For $30, I’d be more than happy to add one of these eye-catching bomber jackets to my wardrobe. Particularly that mustard “paisley” (it’s not paisley) number, second from the left… What is my deal with yellow florals lately?! Coming in a close second favorite from the Boohoo offerings is the Eloise bomber. Something about those contrasting red cuffs and pale olive green have me totally hypnotized.

I’ve been logging some major hours ogling high-waist everything. These girly bomber jackets are the perfect topper for a crop top & a pair of high-waist jeans! Who am I kidding, I’d wear these with pretty much anything. (Pajamas, I’m looking at you.)

What do you think of this more formal style of a rustic classic? How would you style them?


Probably watching Netflix.

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