Beauty Trends I Don’t Hate: Rose Gold

It’s easy to be the Queen of Contouring when you are born with cheekbones like Chrissy Teigen’s. It’s like her cheeks have actual apples in them. As far as new beauty icons go, one that happily makes fart jokes on national television is A-OK with me. She, as well as a handful of other beautiful women, have inspired beauty-lovers to run rampant right now, and it’s all in the name of rose gold.

Obviously this is a person who I want to take beauty tips from.

She’s not the only one whose metallic face I’ve been ogling, though.

Rose gold is a nice change of pace from your average highlight & blush combo. I’m usually scared of blush, but apparently I’m not nearly as afraid of the idea of metallic blush…? Gold is a nice, warm tone for summer months, anyway, and adding some color to my pasty complexion might even be flattering.

Of course, high end cosmetic companies know about this and have launched tons of products that aim to put the beauty of rose gold all up in ya business. And what always follows high end beauty trends? Drugstore beauty. Yesssss. 

There are lots of ways to pick up the rose gold trend without a $38 commitment… I’m looking at you, Becca Rose Gold Highlighter. (Real talk, though: I hear that it’s one of the best rose gold highlighters out there but oh my god is it expensive.)

These products are easily found in stores and online, and almost everything is under $10, except that Morphe palette which is still ridiculously underpriced for the value. I trolled /r/MakeUpAddiction to find out which drugstore beauty products impressed makeup professionals when it came down to rose gold:

drugstore beauty rose gold makeup products

Clockwise from top left:

Some brave and creative souls are also finding ways to incorporate the rose gold trend into their nail art and, impressively, their hair color. How fun would it be to go strawberry gold for a while?!

If you’re a novice like me, you might also benefit from this step-by-step Rose Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial from Lulu*s. Since pink is a pretty universally flattering color, it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb (which is coincidentally also pink, but you get it). You can build up the metallic element as much or as little as you want.

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If you’re ready to dip yourself in rose gold paint after this post, allow me to enable your glamour by suggesting you check out these metallic lipsticks – particularly for the Golden Peach lipstick by Fierce Magenta – for some truly gilded inspiration.

If you have a favorite drugstore beauty find in rose gold, please leave it in the comments! If you happen to have rose gold hair, nails, or face on today, tweet at me or send it to me on Instagram!