Best of Both Worlds: Ways to Bring Indoor Comforts Outside

It is easy for us to get caught spending all of our time indoors. Most Australians work indoors and when we get home, the first thing we often think about is snuggling on the couch in front of the television, or enjoying the comfort of our own bed. The thought of going outside is interesting, but more often than not, we don’t feel incentivized to go outside. Thing is, a few simple tweaks to your outdoor area could change the way you perceive the outdoors, leaving the outdoors to become your next favourite hangout spot. Below are a few ideas to get you inspired.

Create an inviting atmosphere with lighting arrangements.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with enchanting lighting. There are several lighting options available that can greatly enhance your outdoor settings. LED coloured lights can be used to reflect objects or to illuminate pathways. Alternatively, bulb and twinkle lights can be used to hang overhead or around objects like poles and trees. You can opt for bright light solutions that will illuminate entire areas, making them more inviting as an extension to your indoor area.

Add your creative signature with outdoor art.

You want your outdoor area to be unique to you. The easiest way to stamp your creative imprint is to implement artistic designs into your outdoor areas. See if you can place items such as water fountains, statues, panels, wall-art or sculptures around your patio, verandah or garden.

Encourage outdoor dining.

Eating outdoors is a favourite with Australians. The opportunity to enjoy a good meal while taking in vitamin D from the sunshine and feeling a refreshing breeze on your back is a great experience to have while you are eating your meal. Invest in outdoor dining sets and creating a dedicated dining space outdoors. Install a barbecue where you can get people involved in a casual afternoon cook-up. Even turn your outdoor area into a café style with outdoor blinds. You can make enquiries with outdoor blind companies in Melbourne who can best advise you as to which options will suit your outdoor area.

Feel refreshed with a pool.

Inside your home, you may be lucky to have a bathtub, shower and Jacuzzi that you can relax in. But there is something about getting refreshed in the open air that just can’t be beaten. If it suits your budget, see if you can install an outdoor pool and a Jacuzzi. If you can extend the pool to also go inside your home, you can achieve the best of both worlds.

J Sorelle Outdoor Lit Area via Home Depot

Serve your refreshments with style!

Being outdoors during the spring and summer time is all about feeling refreshed. Invest in an outdoor fridge (whether it is a full sized one or bar fridge) and keep it stocked for whenever you, your family or guests want to venture outside to have a few refreshments. Go one step further and place ice into an esky or into buckets with the drinks inside. Bottoms up!

Have emergency shade cover ready.

Sometimes, the Australian sunshine can be overwhelming, leaving us running for shade. Some clever ways to still make your outdoor areas inviting is by making use of outdoor shade solutions such as outdoor umbrellas, gazebos or customizable shade sails.

Bring the entertainment factors outside.

Ultimately, people want to enjoy themselves in their space. So give them the opportunity to do so. You can create an outdoor library of your favourite books, as well as have a dedicated outdoor television or projector screen to watch your favourite television shows or movies. Heck, if you are a gamer, set up the console outside and enjoy the wonders of the outdoors while playing your favourite video games.

There are several ways you can bring the indoor elements of your home outside. Get inspired by these ideas and see how you can spend more time outdoors, while doing your favourite things.