These Boohoo Winter Staples are 50% Off Until Midnight

I’m trapped inside this weekend waiting for “the worst storm since 1962” to hit Washington’s coastline. Any minute now, our internet could blow out leaving me completely and totally alone with no one but my family, pets, and close neighbors to keep me company. It would truly be a tragedy. So, naturally, I’m spending every last moment hitting the best sales of the weekend just in case there’s anything I have to buy before my house sinks into the gaping maw of “the worst storm since 1962.” (So far, it’s just rainy.)

Boohoo tricked me by giving me a countdown timer before its incredible “50% off Tops, Dresses, and Shoes” deal ended. I got in with only 35 minutes left, and then used my profound ADHD powers to get lost in a LustreLux tutorial for 20 minutes, then my cat was being cute and I needed more coffee… Before I knew it, I’d missed the sale. After spending 5 minutes being bummed out, I decided to keep looking through the Boohoo site anyway. As soon as I refreshed the page – a new sale alert appeared:

50% off of EVERYTHING until Midnight/12am EDT!
Use code: CELEBRATE50

Okay, that’s an even better sale, and this time I’m paying attention! Here are some of my favorite winter pieces from the Boohoo sale:

50% Off Everything at Boohoo: Winter Staples

Top row: Lydia Checked Cape, $26 $13; Plus+ Mya Faux Fur Aviator Jacket, $88 $44;  Annie Block Heel Sock Boot, $52 $26
Bottom row: Katherine Suedette Lace Up Choker, $8 $4; Grace Soft Knit Cocoon Cardigan, $26 $13; Isabella Eyelash Lace High Neck Blouse, $30 $15

Maybe eyelash lace isn’t a “winter essential” for everyone, but to me, there’s something about a see-through lace top just that screams holidays.

Stuff that coupon code in your pocket and run to the nearest computer, or get the Boohoo app – actually, wait! You get 40% off your first Boohoo order through the app, so save your first app purchase for a time when there isn’t a crazy sale going on. Shipping is only $5, too, so no surprise price-gauging at the end of the checkout period. Hurry up! You only have a few hours!

Probably watching Netflix.